Christmas is approaching and by the time you read this it will be December. Already! The odd thing is, like autumn this year, it is taking me a while to transition into the festivities. In the past, I have written season specific posts in a bid to get me feeling the way I want to, so here I am again, seeking the festive feels with a christmas movie watch list.

So, I might be in the market for a new TV and have my eye on something a little bigger than the one I currently have, like something from the Oled Tv Panasonic range. Whilst chatting to the boyfriend about how nice it would be to have a new tv for Christmas, I thought about being cosy on the sofa with a blanket, twinkly lights and some not so naughty Christmas truffles. It was the first inkling of Christmas I felt this year and it got me thinking about the Christmas movies we could be watching on a bigger and better screen.

Now, if you saw any of my Blogmas content last year, you may have seen my Christmas Tag, within which I answered which were my favourite Christmas movies. However, this post is different.

In the spirit of all things crimbo, I have just switched on a YouTube Christmas playlist (you know one of those that has a festive scene whilst the music plays) and lit a festive scent on the wax burner. What a setting to get into the good stuff. All of this reinspires thoughts of that cosy scene I set, complete with additional treats and tipples. I can’t wait! So, here we go!

Old Faves


Of course, the number one spot usually goes to Home Alone. It is up there for many people and never fails to entertain. I still cover my eyes when Marv steps on that massive nail. Yuk.

As Christmassy, but just not quite beating the original, is Home Alone 2. For me, they go hand in hand so I am counting them as one in this list. Awww, the turtledoves.


As I mentioned in my Christmas Tag, although not traditionally a Christmas film, Groundhog Day feels Christmassy and I love it. This means that it makes the list. Great one-liners and so many memorable moments that just never get old. I often still recite those Ned Rierson moments when opportunity knocks!


Just a given at Christmas right?


Funny, endearing and ever so slightly sad across the nine intertwined relationships, this film never fails to bring happy and sad tears. With loads of famous faces forming a stellar cast, Love Actually made it big and for good reason. A wonderful film I have seen time and again. Who can resist Hugh Grant boogying about to Girls Aloud and the inappropriateness of Billy Mack! So many best bits in this one.


I have loved Bill Murray since Peter Venkman bumbled through Ghostbusters and happily stumbled across this gem on Netflix a couple of years ago. To my surprise, it so wasn’t the film I thought it was going to be! I thought it would be a cheesy typical traditional Christmas feature, but no! Turns out it is a musical comedy with famous faces popping up all over the place. Amusing performances and a great soundtrack, I like to pop this on when putting up the tree.


A newer watch for me is this one. I always knew this was a firm fave with many but I resisted allowing the rom-com cringe expectation into my life. Cameron Diaz does that to you too right? There always seems to be some cringe moment when she is about. Anyway, I recently gave in and watched it for the first time, and whilst excessively cheesy in parts, I quite liked it! Centred around a temporary life swap, the story is relatively predictable and a classic romantic comedy set at Christmas. An easy watch delivering the required feels.


Not your traditionally festive movie, but set at Christmas and a great alternative if your mood prevents onscreen romance or sentimentality! Why not opt for guns and violence, a dirty colour-changing (mid-film) vest and some ‘Yippie Kay Yay’…  


A childhood favourite, I haven’t seen Gremlins from beginning to end in years. From cute Mogwai Gizmo to nasty black reptilian mini-monsters, this year it will return as a slightly darker option instead of the usual festive faves.

New ones to watch


On first inspection, it looks like a predictable rom-com, but that isn’t a criticism, sometimes that is exactly what I am looking for. In this one, it seems a single lady is given a Christmas calendar with the daily items linking to real life events that just happen to occur. Interesting concept, I am expecting mushy moments and lots of ‘awwwwws’.


Not exactly a new one as I think (I think!) I may have seen this before. Still, I can’t actually remember… is that a sign of how good the film is or of my marbles being lost? Anyway, since I saw a YouTuber talking about it the other day I thought I would check it out again. Lots of famous faces usually tend to bring something good, so fingers crossed.

And there you have it, my 2018 Christmas movie watch list. Of course, there are tons of great movies out there and I expect I will watch more than those that feature here. However, these are my top 10 to watch this year.

Do you have favourites? Are you like me and like a mix of genres or are you a fan of the traditional Christmas comedy?

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8 thoughts on “A 2018 CHRISTMAS MOVIE WATCH LIST

    1. Home Alone is a classic! I heard on the radio that it has become more popular at Christmas than some of the more traditional classics. I haven’t sat myself down to watch any of these yet, am having a good clean up first and getting the place ready. Then it is full on Christmas mode.

  1. Ohh, Gremlins is my favorite Christmas movie! I also love Love, Actually, and Bridget Jones. There is also one movie that is on my to be watched list, I think it is called The Princess Switch.

    1. Ah yes, I saw that on Netflix. I’m not sure how much I fancy that one but you never know. It seems to be being pushed by Netflix so I suspect I may take a look on one Sunday afternoon.

  2. Oh man, I miss watching Home Alone time and time again when I was younger! I remember one particular scene where one of the robbers gets hit on the head with a brick and just not being able to stop laughing at it! Love Actually is a firm favourite too, it’s actually quite a bloody awful and unrealistic film but just so entertaining!
    Alice Xx

  3. I love The Snowman, and haven’t seen it in years! Groundhog Day is one of my favorites-who cares if it’s a Christmas movie? Lastly, my husband hates Christmas movies and swears Die Hard is the only Christmas movie he’ll ever watch! 😂😂

    1. Ha, a fellow Groundhog Day fan! One of the best for sure. Well, at least you have Die Hard that you can watch together. Might not get you into the festive spirit as much as some of the others but it’s an option!

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