Okay, so, immediately we can all acknowledge that this isn’t a mid-year post. We are a little way past that. But, better late than never to reflect on some 2018 goals right? I think so. So, it is time take stock and pay some attention to those goals. How have I been doing?

Happiness is... loving the little things - Sunshine

Interestingly, I never used to consider my goals. When I used to watch American movies where, in school settings, the teachers would ask the student about their goals and aspirations, I could never relate. How can kids know these things? However, as time passes and I get older and wiser (pfft!), I now recognise the importance of embedding this practice. As adults, this way of thinking is far more relevant and can assist, considerably, when it comes to one’s happiness.

So, back in January, I wasn’t feeling particularly refreshed. The year started with, seemingly, everyone feeling unwell. The worst thing about it all was that it took so long to eradicate it from those that I know and love. Not necessarily as a result, but as a more positive start to the year, I wanted to consider some goals with a view to work towards living my best life and being the happiest I can be. So where are we now? 

Commit to yoga practice

Back in November 2017 I started practising yoga more regularly. Each morning I spent time undertaking a ’30 days of yoga’ flow from Adriene Mischler’s wonderful YouTube Channel. At the time, one of the most surprising, but pleasing, elements was the change in my strength and flexibility. As usual, it tailed off. However, I decided to commit to yoga practice in 2018 to continue to improve. I have absolutely incorporated yoga into my life more regularly but, with the inclusion of running as part of my fitness and weight loss journey, I haven’t undertaken as much yoga as I had intended. Still, all in the right direction.

Maintain a bullet journal

Bullet Journal

In terms of bullet journalling, I initially suspected that this would be a fad. Did you seem my ‘I started a bullet journal’ YouTube video and blog post? If so, you may know that I had watched Lily Pebbles talking about her Bullet Journal video and I loved the idea. In my early days of full-time blogging and YouTube, I was slowly developing my own style of organisation and I felt that a bullet journal could help.

I am pleased to report that I have maintained my own version of a bullet journal. I don’t look at it every day but it has become crucial. It is my go-to place to plan content, list and save ideas and record milestones and achievements. Whilst my bullet journal mostly remains in pencil and certainly isn’t a pretty as millions of others out there, it is helpful and has become a staple in my life. I am hoping that this will develop and I plan to integrate it further into my life. Having a structured place to keep everything together has been super helpful.

Follow Slimming World regularly

Aha, my biggest achievement this year! As I explained previously, my main aim was to just feel better. I have absolutely made some changes. I have been following Slimming World and have, so far, managed to lose 21lbs. All that with fun times thrown in and a summer holiday full of food and booze. In addition,  I started running again and, with the exception of a few minor injury-related setbacks, I am slowly making progress. It feels like a new way of life and the success of it has even inspired my partner Mark to join the health-kick. In line with my original post, I am certainly feeling more energised and healthier, and, perhaps as a result, happier. To top it off, although this could just be a coincidence, I have battled less low-level illness this year and feel back to myself in many ways. 

Walk more – Track steps

So, rather than walk more, as I mentioned above, I started running! This has certainly increased my steps somewhat. Although I haven’t been tracking them regularly, when I do, I have certainly noticed how difficult it can be to incorporate additional steps into your day. One of my friends made it her mission to do 10,000 steps per day and I was surprised by how difficult it could be to achieve that, even with a run in the mornings. 

Collaborate more with other content creators

This is one goal that I haven’t made much progress on. I have collaborated with other creators but not as regularly as I had hoped. 

Start Project Panning


My project pan progress has been slow. For several reasons, I was keen to use up makeup to learn more and ensure I was achieving value for money. However, it hasn’t quite worked out as I planned. I am an individual who has favourites and preferences, just as we all do, and I like to use the items I favour the most. I haven’t given up on panning but I really do need to try harder. 

Do more of what makes me happy

This one is difficult to evaluate and quantify. However, I can say that I am the happiest I have felt in a very long time. This isn’t down to one thing in particular, but working at something that you love certainly plays a big part. Now just to make it a sustainable reality…

So, that is my update. How are your goals going for this year? Have you smashed them or do some still need some work? It has been great to take a look back at the things I wanted to achieve and consider the progress (or lack of!) that has been made. Healthy reflection is an important part of growth and progression. And so, even though I am further forward on some goals than others, reflecting on where we are why can be hugely beneficial when it comes to refocusing and refining our path. 

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And if you fancy taking a look at my original goals video you can see that here:

7 thoughts on “MY 2018 GOALS – MID YEAR REVIEW

  1. You seem to be getting on pretty well with your goals, always motivating to hear! I’m one of those people that comes up with goals at the start of the year then forgets them almost instantly, whoops. However over summer break I set the goals of going vegetarian, keeping up with fitness and continuing to work on my languages. I’m fully veggie now, mostly keeping going with fitness and engaging with my languages everyday (even if I wish I was studying more than just watching netflix in French haha). It’s going well I guess!

    Megan //

    1. Thanks Megan and so do you! Congrats on going fully veggie, I don’t think I could do that, too much of a carnivore. Continuing to work at your goals can be so empowering. I have also been guilty of setting goals and then forgetting about them but as I get older I find I have more incentive and motivation to keep them up.

  2. I didn’t set any real goals for 2018, other than to do things that make life more enjoyable…and I am! I plan to watch your video on bullet journaling to see just what it is- it interests me but I’ve never heard of it! It seems you are doing very well with your goals!

  3. I’m not going to lie to you, I love this post! it’s awesome that you’ve really plunged into yoga – I go back to my university in a few days and I’m mega excited to start yoga properly for the first time. I’ve never given the idea of a bullet journal a go, but I can definitely see the appeal and would 100% try it. and yes, I want to collaborate more with others also! if you ever want to do something like that, I’m your girl!

    1. I was never really into yoga in the beginning but the more I did it, the more I liked it. I also never expected it to be as hard work as it can be! Absolutely try bullet journalling, even with just a cheap notebook to see how you get on. And in terms of collaborating, I shall think up some ideas.

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