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Hello and good day to you. So far, in my three and a half years (on and off) on YouTube and the 6 months of my blog, I haven’t really shared much about who I am. And so, I thought it about time that I did. Here goes:


Across my blog and  YouTube Channel, I talk about my slimming world journey, share my favourite slimming world recipes and upload information relating to beauty, life, and the beautiful Isle of Wight. All of this content includes my thoughts, experiences and opinions. However, I have never shared much about what makes me, me. So, for those interested, here are 25 facts about me that you probably do not know.

The Questions & Answers

  1. How old are you?


  2. Shoe size –

    4 ½ to 5 depending on the type of shoe

  3. Favourite film/movie?


  4. Fears?

    Not really. There are things I don’t like but no major phobias.

  5. Height?

    5ft 5 and 3/4 – almost 5 ft 6.

  6. Ambitions?

    To be happy

  7. Tattoos?

    I almost got one once but no. I imagine that I probably will never get one, I am far too fickle.

  8. Siblings.

    One brother who is 2 years younger than me.

  9. Day job –

    HR Manager. But not for much longer.

  10. Middle name.


  11. Meaning behind your Channel name?

    My mum often calls me by my middle name and will often shorten it to Rach. This happened in front of my wider family over the years and I just became known as Amy Rach! Then add the fact that I am a ‘Miss’ to the mix and voila!

  12. Reason I joined YouTube?

    As a distraction from a stressful time at work. I had a few weeks off over the Christmas break and, having watched a few Youtubers over the previous 9 months, I decided to give it a go.

  13. Star Sign –

    I am a Libra.

  14. If you could give your younger self any advice what would it be?

    – There are so many things but overall – Live your life, be careful and learn from your experiences.

  15. Where do you live?

    On the Isle of Wight – I was born here too.

  16. Favourite TV shows –

    Oh so many! But my absolute favourites are Scandal and Suits. I loved Dexter during the earlier series. I could talk about tv shows all day.

  17. Pets –

    No pets currently. I had hamsters when I was really little and more recently I had two beautiful rabbits. Biscuit & Roo. They led a pretty happy life and reached the grand old age of 11. As much as they could be so naughty, I really miss them sometimes.

  18. Tea or Coffee?

    This is difficult because I go through phases with my preferences. If I had to choose only 1 to drink for the rest of my life then I would say coffee. But that might be because I’m a bit off tea at the moment… hmmmm.

  19. Cats or dogs

    – I would probably choose cats, but then I am allergic to them so will never be able to have one.

  20. iOS vs Android

    – Android, definitely Android.

  21. What quote do you live by?

    Acceptance is freedom

  22. Eye colour

    – brown

  23. Favourite radio station?

    Isle of Wight Radio.

  24. Favourite type of movie –

    Scary movies.

  25. Last time you said you loved someone –

    At the recent Isle of Wight Festival in a drunken conversation with my mum. She is probably going to kill me for saying that.

And what makes you, you? Do you have things in common with me or do you view things completely differently? Let me know in the comments or over on twitter @missamyrach

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