Slimming World – Festival Recovery

So, the Isle of Wight Festival happened and my countdown now looks like this…

Boooo. However, as I mentioned previously, it looks worse than it is as most of those brown days have been largely on plan. There have been many on plan meals in the lead up to the weekend as depicted by the images in this post. It is just that there have also been quite a number of naughty things.

Herby scrambled eggs & tomatoes

Slimming World - Deja Vu

Although there is little photographic evidence of the festival food (bad blogger!), on the menu was noodles, rice, fries, nachos and burritos. All pretty tasty. So, could have been worse choices made and not a drop of high syn wine in sight.

And so the recovery begins and back on the wagon I get. Unfortunately, yet again, I have not had access to my usual scales again so will need to update the result tomorrow. As countdown image above implies, it cannot be good news. However. the Isle of Wight Festival comes just once a year and absolutely must be enjoyed.

Lamb leg steak with roasted veg and gravy

As I mentioned in my recent Smaller Milestones post, I rarely have a full week on plan. Whether it be a full day off plan or just the one evening meal, there is usually something I indulge in to mean I mark at least one day on my Countdown Tool as the ‘bad’ colour. I also mentioned my 10 perfect days, a short-term commitment to myself to boost my weight loss. For someone who rarely completes a full Slimming World week, this is a good thing but not so easy. However, post-Isle of Wight Festival, where much alcohol and high syn food was consumed, I have decided to do it again.

Mackerel pasta with salad

Today (Tuesday) is day 1 and I shall continue on through until next Thursday. With a visit to the summer sun scheduled I need to get back on track. If I am honest, I am looking forward feeling more ‘normal’. This is often the case after a weekend of partying like I am still in my twenties…

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