Remember when you were a kid and life seemed so simple? Hindsight is a wonderful thing. At the time, there were nagging parents, bossy teachers, and playground dramas to tackle. Most kids seem desperate to grow up. To be a grown up. To become an adult ahead of time, but there are reasons to embrace one’s childhood. The transition to the world of ‘adulting’ can certainly come as a shock to our naive young minds. Here are three of the reasons why:

1. The food fairy goes missing

As exciting as getting your own place might be, it often leads to an empty fridge when the food fairy doesn’t move in with you.  Whoever replenished the food stocks back at home, it was always a joy to gaze at the restocked fridge and cupboards in all of their tasty glory. When you discover the only snack available is a piece of hard pasta from a long-gone packet or perhaps a dust-covered biscuit, you know it’s time to hit the supermarket. Which is fine, of course, as long as you have the funds…

2. Farewell bank of mum and dad

And where do those funds come from? Gone are the days of the bank of mum and dad. In the real world (as my dad often called it), with freedom comes responsibilities. As you get there, you realise the burden you must have placed on your parents each time you so desperately ‘needed’ that bag, that coat, or that pair of trainers. To pay for these things, one must head down the path of employment. All great, until things get out of hand. Unfortunately, I’ve seen it before. The elation of payday often means the bank account is soon drained and spent on the wrong things. Things can spiral. Bills mount up, red letters land on the doormat and with little food in the cupboard people are forced to look for loans to dig themselves out of the situation. For those interested, this page provides an explanation of loans for those with bad credit. It happens and it’s useful to understand the hows and whys and what can be done about it. Suddenly it hits you; funds are not as freely available and must be managed carefully in order to survive.

3. You no longer have someone telling you what to do

As a child, you probably resented your parents telling you how to live your life so, initially, adulting is great! The freedom to stay up late watching the latest tv shows is awesome, and you can party without fear of being grounded. However, it’s a slippery slope. With no one reminding you to get to bed on time, you risk oversleeping, missing the alarm, and ending up in trouble with the boss. Then, of course, there are all the other things you were sick of being nagged about, but later realise they were actually good for you…

“Do your homework” – studying was such a slog but without it, we wouldn’t have grades to get that job to replace the pocket money!

“Bring your girlfriend/boyfriend round to meet us” – Hmm, awkward and potentially embarrassing, but at least they had the good sense to point out some of the flaws that our young perspectives may have overlooked. On that note, I’m all about perspectives and there being two sides to every story (I think it is my HR background) and this article is a very interesting take on the supposed flaws of your partner.

“Tidy your bedroom” – Eugh, we heard the first time right? And aren’t your parents supposed to do the housework? The reality of moving into your own place and having nobody to do it for you is less fun than you might have imagined. The mounting dishes, laundry, and piles of grown-up paperwork to sort through can be exhausting!

So, we have to face the fact that our parents knew their stuff. Still, we had to learn that by ourselves didn’t we!

And so…

Being an adult can be tough if not taken seriously! But we live and learn and take the rough with the smooth. It’s all part of growing up. However, if I could do it again, I would listen to those older and wiser… life experience is invaluable.


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