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If you have read my post about Getting Organised, you will know that meal planning is not a favourite task. However, the process of compiling that piece led me to consider that perhaps I was overthinking it. I have always found that deciding on breakfast and lunch have been the hardest part of planning.  So, I decided to break it down. Nevertheless, having removed some of the weight of the chore, I then replaced the workload by reasoning that it would be wise to keep several ongoing lists. I shall explain…

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I chose to start small, thinking that doing so may increase the chance of the task becoming a habit. As a result, I opted to just plan evening meals, to begin with. Considering there have been many amazing Slimming World meals consumed over the years, this wasn’t as easy as I expected. I managed to pull together a plan for a full week but resorted to trawling the internet for additional ideas and inspiration.

I then figured that it would be useful to keep a note of the meals that turn out well so that I have a handy list to refer to when I come to meal plan each week. With syn values included, it will mean that I can make sure that my syns are saved, where necessary, because just how annoying is it to decide on a plan for dinner only to realise it will take you over the maximum 15 syns advised for each day? Very.

The list of successful meals has already grown and I think this is partly due to the recent ‘fakeaways’ I have been experimenting with. I appear to have found myself on a mission to discover some tasty takeaway alternatives and it is going very well so far!  I literally cannot wait to expand the list further. In my view, the more meals established as well loved, the easier the meal planning will become.

Slimming World - Meal Planning

I have also been keeping a notepad handy for ingredients that need replenishment. If you are anything like me, you will need to write things down straight away. This helps to avoid standing in the supermarket, wracking your brain for that thing that, just this morning, you knew you needed… of course, keeping a list is great providing you take it with you. Another favourite little trick of mine… please tell me that it isn’t just me?

So, in the first instance, the meal planning has been a success. My next Slimming World diary post, on Tuesday, will reflect the planned choices I made.  The next step is to make ensure that meal planning becomes a routine. This, I fear, will be the trickiest part…

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