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AD – The three candles mentioned in this post were sent to me by Price’s Candles. This agreement was in exchange for an honest review.

So, some of you may know that I have been redecorating at home. The intention has essentially been to add some fresh paint and a fresh feel to my decor. As a result and along with the refreshed style, I have been keen to use fragrances to help develop ambience. I love the idea of creating different environments for the different aspects of my home. So, how did I go about it?



So, about me. This is me – MissAmyRach (the Rach comes from my middle name… Rachel), a 30 something Isle of Wight dweller. I share information on beauty, lifestyle and the Isle of Wight. All that alongside life considerations and a Slimming World rollercoaster I never get off.

Having discovered a veiled love for cosmetics, I started a Youtube channel to share views on products and join the community. Subsequently, this expanded to include information on diet experiences and a focussed strive for a happy life. I decided to start a blog to expand my content and here I am. Since September 2017 I have been blogging and vlogging full-time, and I absolutely love it.

Outside of blogging and YouTube, my hobbies span a relatively wide range. Whilst I love being creative and making homemade cards, playing with makeup, cooking and reading, I also love playing computer games. As a result, you will often find me catching Pokémon whilst out and about or traversing online maps with an assault rifle in hand.

Other loves include candles, music, sunshine, baths, horror films, wine, love and laughter!

I am just your average gal, enjoying the odd prosecco, vino rouge and G&T and usually eating too much. As someone who lives to eat, I am a slave to Slimming World in a bid to remain somewhat healthy. As a result, I share my Slimming World Journey here.

I have a background in HR and find that any lessons I learned wriggle their way into my blog posts. Ultimately, my goal is to live happy. Further, I also wish to eat happy and sleep happy, so if I have thoughts, ideas or experiences that may benefit others, I spill the beans here in the hope that I can help. If all of this tickles your fancy, take a closer look. You will find product reviews, tips and tricks, life ramblings and general from a (hopefully) relatable source, looking to inspire the best in all of us.

Primark Haul – February 2018 | Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion

Good day to you my friends. Today I have a Primark haul to share with you all… (poet!) and I have been super happy with all of these items so far! Interested to see what I got?

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Happiness is... Relaxing. 10 Ways to Relax


Hello everyone and welcome to another instalment of my Happiness is… series. Stress is such a big part of our lives these days, with so many priorities and responsibilities and so relaxation can take a back seat. Even when people try to relax, they can feel lazy, guilty and/or selfish for taking time for themselves. If you are anything like me, you need a measure of both pressure and chill time, and with stress also being such a widespread health concern, we need to forget the negative thoughts about relaxing and accept that we need to achieve some balance.


Finding the Autumn Feels - Autumn 2017

Finding the Autumn Feels – Autumn 2017

For someone who has often considered autumnal colours my go-to… Autumn has so far eluded me.

It’s here, of course, it began Friday, 22nd September 2017. The weather has also cooled, but I still don’t quite feel that Autumn is here. I’m craving the cosy vibes, the candles, the snuggly blankets the fireplaces and the toasted marshmallows; all those things that create those celebrated ‘Autumn Feels’.  But I am just not finding them.  Where are they?

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Yankee Candle Tea Light Advent Calendar 2016 Review

Yankee Candle Title Thumbnail

With such a new found love of candles and not wishing to bundle on too many lbs this Christmas, I set out to find an advent calendar with a difference. A google search quickly brought me into the realms of the candle advent calendar and I spied this Yankee delight on Amazon in a Black Friday deal. I actually purchased my calendar in conjunction with the festive tea light holder shown above, and I am so pleased I did. Not necessary, but I thought it added to the Christmassy vibe at home and I love the beautiful glow.

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