I have talked before about staying grateful in life, in particular, when suffering the loss of loved ones. The people in our lives are, of course, important to us and usually, when thinking about expressing our gratitude, we often show that we care by buying a gift. But sometimes this can seem a bit on the disingenuous side. When it comes to something like keepsakes, it is more personal and there is more of an emotional attachment. When giving gifts to loved ones, keepsakes can represent more than just something for Christmas or birthdays, it could be an heirloom or something that they can take with them all through their lives. This can often be tricky so let’s take a look at some ideas…


The occasion is something that usually dictates the style of the gift. For example, a wedding can dictate a simple trinket that could be handed out to every guest. However, who you are buying for can also give you an abundance of ideas. If you’re marking the occasion of a birth, this will, naturally, lend itself to something a bit more modest, and something to remind the parents of when their child was brand new.

Jewellery is an easy option with plenty of opportunities to buy the right gift for the person. To mark an occasion such as a wedding, trinkets are a popular choice. There are numerous options out there, budget-depending, of course. H Hogarth’s jewellery store has a section dedicated to Thomas Sabo charms. These charms are small in stature but available across a wide choice of options. Choose from designs such as champagne glass, baby booties, animals or musical notes. I, myself, have a charm bracelet, full of memories of my grandparents and it is a beautiful sight to see. If the person you’re buying for wears a lot of jewellery around the wrists, charms can be a little something that they can take everywhere.


Of course, keepsakes can also be an expensive investment. You may wish to treasure a memory with something that has a big impact. If you want to go down the family heirloom route, starting a quilt is one of those options that’s a perfect way to create something to be handed down through the generations. It could also be added to by yourself, or others, over time to create something even more special. This never happened in my family but I know of others who have such a special keepsake. Memory quilts are a good option, but you could also commemorate something on a cushion, or even turn it into a photo quilt, the options are endless!

Going down the DIY route is a money-saving option, but you are potentially also making something far more personal. Seeing a child grow up over the years can be commemorated by simply making a mould of their hands and feet. You can frame it, or display it on a shelf. Either way, it can take you back as to how little they were, and automatically, the memories come flooding back.


Any moment in life can be commemorated, whether good or bad. Keepsakes aren’t necessarily just little trinkets or something to pop onto the wall. You could also take the opportunity to mark an occasion with a keepsake, in memory box form, or in something a bit more grandiose. For a loved one that passed away, you may wish to immortalise them in some little way. There are options such as planting a tree, or as many people choose to do, get a bench engraved. A memory box is often a popular option when it is for a younger person. You can purchase beautiful memory boxes online, and they can store so many little memories to look back on and cherish.


The most wonderful thing about keepsakes is that they last forever, within reason. Whether it’s to commemorate a happy occasion or a sad one, a small item can last forever. Heirlooms and jewellery are just two ideas that are often the first port of call, However, even a little memento like the papers of a specific day can mark it in time. This is always interesting to look back on. These days, with so much being digitised, there is little in the way of traditional keepsakes. These tangible, physical formats of items, like newspapers, can bring you back to a time and place. Whether you opt for small or large, expensive or homemade, it shows you cared enough to put much thought into the idea.

Have you ever bought or received a keepsake?

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