After my Skinade trial, my skin felt a little bereft of hydration. I missed the daily drink, which seemed to be keeping my skin supple and hydrated throughout the colder months and the seemingly incessant bouts of illness. Soon after, I happened across the opportunity to try some new products. The items are aimed at treating dry and eczema-prone skin by rehydrating and protecting it from irritants.

The two products with these skin-saving aims are by a brand called Cetraben. Cetraben was a new name to me but as I looked into things a little further, I found that you could pick up Cetraben products in your local Superdrug. And so, the two products to test out were:

Daily Cleansing Cream

The daily cleansing cream comes in a tall white package with red title typography. The information displayed claims it will cleanse, moisturise and soothe dry or eczema prone skin. It is described as a 2 in 1 cleanser and moisturiser with a light formulation, which can be used instead of soap and as a daily cream.

Cetraben Cream

This cream is marketed for problematic dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin and has blue title typography. Again the packaging claims the product soothes and moisturises but also softens, protects and absorbs easily.

All in all, first impressions were good. With clean crisp packaging and promises of improved skin, I was keen to test them both out.

My skin:

I have always had combination skin and different things affect the quality of my skin at different times. Growing up, I had regular bouts of eczema. Often it would appear on my face as little round patches and I would use a prescribed steroid cream to treat it. However, these days, the issues are different. My skin is drier than it used to be but the eczema outbreaks are very infrequent. Still, I was keen to establish what this brand could do for my skin so I began to include the products in my routine.

First use:

To begin with, I used the Daily Cleansing Cream to cleanse my face. The bottle doesn’t specify how much to use so I opted for three pumps at the cleansing stage. With damp skin, it spreads easily across the skin but does not lather. Being so used to foaming facial cleansers, this felt a little strange to me. However, after massaging it into my skin and rinsing it away with warm water, my skin felt fresh and clean.

Offered as both a cleanser and moisturiser, I then used the same product to moisturise my skin. I used just one pump, which was plenty. It took a short while for it to begin to disappear, but with something aimed at tackling dry skin, this wasn’t a surprise. My skin felt super soft afterwards. I could still feel the slightly dry areas across the top of my cheeks and nose but it certainly seemed promising.

My first use of the Cetraben cream was as expected. A slightly thicker cream in consistency but one that absorbs more easily. This cream also left my skin feeling moisturised, soft and supple. Again, the pump is useful in terms of adjusting the amount of cream dispensed meaning you can experiment with quantities.

In terms of scent, the bottles state the formula to be fragrance-free. To me, it smelled just like any other eczema cream I have used. Not unpleasant, just the same familiar scent of old.

Another element of this review is the improvement to my elbows. I have never suffered from dry elbows until recently. Suddenly, I found myself with dry skin that itched and caused discomfort. With the skin appearing to need some significant support, I set about applying the Cetraben cream. Within a few days, any dry patches had softened and the elbows were back to their normal selves. I was incredibly pleased with the result. Now, at the first indication of any dry skin or irritation, I pop on a little of one of the creams (both work wonders) and things return to normal. Happy, happy days.

Ongoing use:

With ongoing use, my skin has definitely improved. It feels softer, smoother and more hydrated. Additionally, those dreaded dry patches have improved and are noticeably less visible. In particular, the thicker of the two creams, the Cetraben Cream with the blue typography, has proven invaluable in tackling this.

Initially, I expected to prefer the daily cleansing cream and I considered that the heavier cream would be too much for my skin. however, over time I have developed a preference for the thicker cream. I love the way my skin feels having used it and it creates a beautiful base for makeup. Just a tip though, if you have fine lines at all, make sure you give the moisturiser time to really sink into your skin. Otherwise, you might find the hydrating properties of the moisturiser causes movement of your base makeup. The extra few minutes leaving it to sink in makes all the difference.

Pricing and Availability

Normally priced at around £7.99 for 200ml, this cream is not particularly expensive. I would certainly pay that for the additional skin support, particularly during the winter months as I have been super pleased with the results.

You can buy Cetraben at Superdrug and Boots. Cetraben is not tested on animals and does not contain any ingredients derived from animals.

50ml: http://www.boots.com/cetraben-cream-50ml-10191696
200ml: https://www.superdrug.com/Cetraben/Cetraben-Cream-200ml/p/422601
200ml Daily Cleansing Cream: http://www.boots.com/cetraben/all-cetraben/cetraben-daily-cleansing-cream-200ml-10229592

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Cretraben Creams Review

Both Cetraben products were sent to me for review, however, these are my honest views and opinions established through a thorough trial.

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