I just ‘like’ coffee. I know a lot of you love coffee and for some, it is an integral part of the day; the bazillions of Costas and Starbucks lining our streets attain to that! However, I just like it and, actually, I prefer instant coffee to anything else. Here is my Youtube video with all the details on Beanies.

Flavoured Coffees

Flavoured coffees are all the rage right now and as December was mostly a coffee phase, for Christmas I decided to create a hamper for my parents and include a couple of the beanies flavoured coffees to try. I bought 6 flavours, put two in the hamper and kept four to try out myself. The first 6 flavours I purchased were:

  • French Bandy (For my mum)

  • Cinder Toffee (For my dad)

  • Winter Warmer

  • Chocolate Orange

  • Cinnamon Hazelnut

  • Gingerbread

Beanies Coffee Review

I will go into more detail about each flavour below, but from the first purchase, I was impressed. The depth of flavour and sweetness suited my palate and, although I wasn’t keen on all of them, it was mostly due to the actual flavour rather than the quality. It seems I am not so keen on nutty flavoured coffee. However, I liked them enough to buy more and the next batch included the following flavours:

  • Very Vanilla

  • Creamy Caramel

  • Coconut Delight

  • Cookie Dough

  • Double Chocolate

  • Chocolate Orange (I will explain why later)

  • Mint Chocolate

  • Irish Cream

  • Amaretto Almond

Beanies Coffee Review

I always remember my mum telling me how much she loves the smell of coffee when she first opens a new jar, and it always made me think of those adverts. We all know the ones, where we are supposed to feel that drinking those brands of coffee is luxurious and indulgent but, actually, the look on their faces and cheesy lines just makes you cringe. That said, the fragrance from the freshly opened jar is really lovely, strong and flavourful, and I have certainly wondered if I am mooning about like those actors as I opened each new jar.

The packaging is also something I really like. Individually, the jars are cute and brightly coloured with a clear design and labelling. In addition, when you purchase a set, they arrive in a box, detailing the Beanies logo and separating each jar into its own little compartment. Thought has certainly gone into the presentation and that receives top marks from me.

Anyway, onto the individual flavours:


Chocolate Orange

I was a bit apprehensive about this flavour as I thought it might be sickly, sweet and I couldn’t quite imagine it as a coffee. However it was definitely my favourite from the first order, and the degree to which I liked this flavour in particular, convinced me to repurchase it and try more. This which speaks volumes I am sure.


Winter Warmer

I still can’t work out the flavour of this one but it is pleasant. Not in my top 5 but enjoyable nonetheless.


Cinnamon Hazelnut

Cinnamon hazelnut was the first flavour I tried. The taste is very true to the name, however, I am not really into nutty flavoured coffee. I know other people who have tried it though and they loved it. Certainly worth a try if you like both cinnamon and hazelnut.


Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough has a sweet scent that I didn’t immediately recognise as cookie dough. However, after giving myself a little time to really inhale the aroma and try hard to pin the fragrance to the name, I did feel it reminiscent of cookie dough ice cream… so pretty good. The scent seems better appreciated if you hold the jar a little away from you to absorb the full aroma. As a drink, It isn’t overly flavoursome but it does add a little something extra to an otherwise normal cup of coffee and I firmly believe that the flavour develops on the palate as you continue to sip.



Gingerbread had never been a flavour I cared for until recently and I was super excited to try this one. It thus came as a surprise to me to find that I didn’t like it. I actually really didn’t like it. To me, the flavour tasted burnt and odd. However, again this appeared to be personal taste as I offered a cup to a friend who was then pleased to receive the rest of the jar as a gift!

Beanies Coffee Review


Very Vanilla

I am in two minds about this one. I was really looking forward to it and suspected it might turn out to be a favourite as vanilla is my go-to coffee flavouring. However, I wasn’t keen. It certainly has vanilla undertones but needs to be stronger to overpower an odd and unfamiliar taste that comes through. Unfortunately, this unpleasant (to me anyway!) flavour appears in a number of the different flavours.

Amaretto Almond

Personally I thought the smell of this flavour, whilst still in the jar, was awful. I thought it was plastic like and artificial; really not pleasant. However, having tasted the hot cuppa, it wasn’t so bad. This flavour is another that I will not be repurchasing, but it wasn’t entirely unpleasant to me.


Coconut Delight

As with the Very Vanilla flavour, I think the flavour of this one is, again, a bit peculiar. On first try I wasn’t keen but could appreciate the pleasant coconut-like aroma, however, the taste and the smells were different, which was disappointing as I had high hopes for this one. You can certainly detect the coconut, but it is again overpowered by a different flavour which impacts too strongly for my liking.


Irish Cream

When I am in the mood for it, this coffee is lovely and a great Slimming World alternative to a real, higher syn Irish Cream coffee. The flavour is subtle but distinctive and I would certainly buy again.

Beanies Coffee Review


Creamy Caramel

A nice coffee but the flavour is not overly apparent. For me, this was one of the middle ground flavours that I felt a little so, so about.


Mint Chocolate

As with the chocolate orange flavour, I was a little hesitant over this flavour but, again, I was very wrong. Minty and ever so slightly chocolatey, the flavour of this coffee is strong enough to be delicious but delicate enough not to be overpowering. This one is hands down my absolute favourite.


Double Chocolate

The double chocolate flavour surprised me. I expected a variation of the mint and orange chocolate flavours but this was much more delicate in flavour. That is not a criticism at all because, for me, the subtlety compliments the flavour and this one sits in my top 5.


So, Beanies coffee has created a new phase for me. From walking in the door after work and longing for a glass of wine, I have transitioned to a Beanies coffee and I am loving it. Although I have been somewhat disappointed at how little I have enjoyed some of the individual flavours, there are some that I have been extremely happy with. In addition, I have never, ever liked anything that combines chocolate and coffee in flavour, but Beanies has managed to dispel this curse.

For me there are two key factors as to why I think Beanie’s coffees are so good:

  1. I don’t mind the taste of strong coffee but I do feel ‘icky’ after drinking it. Am I alone in that? Beanie’s coffee isn’t particularly strong, although of course, you could add more granules if preferred. I asked my parents for their thoughts and their theory is that the Beanies Coffee flavour is actually quite weak. Whilst they thoroughly enjoyed the Cinder Toffee and French Brandy varieties, they felt it to be the fragrance that makes you feel like you taste that particular flavour. Who am I to argue? It is a solid theory and would explain how they keep the calories down.

  2. On the note of calories, whilst the flavours indicate sweetness, they’re not overly sweet; to the point, I actually drink mine with a sweetener. Beanies coffee contains no sugar or sweetener and at just 2 calories a cup, are perfect for those of us watching our Slimming World syns which, happily, means they are syn free!

Beanies Coffee Review


To this end, I am keen to try more flavours and will certainly be repurchasing my preferred flavours.

Beanies coffee is widely available. I purchased 6 from an Ebay shop and then the next batch via a special offer on the Beanies website. You can also buy from Amazon and many other outlets locatable via a quick google search. Although potentially pricey for an instant coffee, when you consider how much a daily purchase from the top coffee chains will set you back, they are a bargain.

Beanies Flavoured Coffee Review

This content is not sponsored. All products mentioned were purchased by myself and all views and opinions are my own.

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