Hello and welcome to a little beauty haul! Don’t you just love that feeling of new products to try? Especially when they are from brands you have been really happy with in the past!

So, I am decluttering my life, yes. However, sometimes you need some new stuff. I had some particular items in mind to buy due to finding that some of my regular products were running on empty. Additionally, I find it tough to resist Aldi skin care and I really wanted to try some of their new products. As a result, today I have new bits to try from both Aldi and Maybelline. The Maybelline items I picked up from a trip to Boots.

I do also have some new Primark Beauty bits but I featured these in my recent Primark Try On Haul. Should you be interested in taking a peek at those bits and bobs, you can use this link to my Primark Haul.


So, the Boots trip happened after both my felt liner and liquid liners ran out. Then, my new Primark liquid liner failed in the fight against my hayfever so I needed a new plan. With the Isle of Wight Festival coming up, I need a waterproof liner. I have accepted that I can’t wear eyeshadow (the watery eyes seem to pull the makeup into my eyes and fog up my contact lenses! And yes, this is with hayfever tablets in my system) but I would like to be able to wear eyeliner at least. So, I went on the hunt for a waterproof liner.

Happily, in Boots, I spied a 3 for 2 offer across most of the normal drugstore range products. As I was also in the market for a new felt liner and was keen to replace a favourite concealer, I was onto a winner! Check out the video for more info!

Do you have any tips for a good waterproof liner? If so,  please do let me know. I am determined to win this war! 

You can also check out my Haul and Beauty Playlists on YouTube!



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