Blogmas 2017 – Day 09 – Festive Poundland Bath Haul

Oddly, in the last week, I have found myself in Poundland twice. Weeks go by without venturing into the very affordable and wide-ranging discount store and then I am like a moth to a flame. Anyway, on the most recent trip what happens?

We pop into and I spy a decimated Christmassy stand, peppered with a last few remaining bath products. And, of course, I find myself in front of it. This is the moment that I decide a festive Poundland Bath Haul is required.

Of late, well, probably for most of this year actually, I have become a big fan of bath products. In particular, I have grown fond of the phenomenon that is a fizzy bubble bath bomb. Lush is to blame for this. However, whilst I understand (and agree!) that the bar is high when it comes to the quality of Lush products, I like to experiment with other brands to try to establish good alternatives. So, imagine my glee when I see the words Spiced Orange Christmas Pudding Bath Bomb.

The Bombs

Snowman Bath Bomb

The snowman bath bomb is big and white and vanilla scented. It certainly looks the part and makes me look forward to adding it to my bath. However, nw that I have taken it out of the box I am a little concerned about the scent. The vanilla fragrance seems overly sweet and artificial and I find it a little sickly. We will see.

Spiced Orange Christmas Pudding Bath Bomb

This was the first item I saw and was the product that drew me to the stand. For a £1 product, I thought this looked great. Inside the wrapping it looks shimmery and glowing. It isn’t heavily scented and I can’t detect very much orange, but it certainly has a fresh festive scent.

Blueberry Cupcake Bath Bomb

Whilst not sure that this was part of the festive range, I decided to go for it because it looked pretty and I wanted to try one. Here we have 150g of lustrous blue goodness which smells sweet and pleasant. Taking it out of the box rendered me covered in a fine shimmer so I am prepared to be rinsing the bath well after using.

Bath Fizzers

Peppermint Swirl Scented Bath Fizzer

This is a blue fizzer with a cute pink owl on the front. My immediate thoughts were that these fizzers would be great for youngsters, but I’m young at heart and I need to make sure they’re worth trying. Any excuse.

Gingerbread Cookie Scented Bath Fizzer

Similar in style to the peppermint swirl fizzer but, this time, a white fizzer with a reindeer displayed on the front. The bath fizzers are 50g each.

Other Info

In terms of the products themselves, all declare to be against animal testing. Ok, so the bath fizzers have a cute animal emoji and say ‘cruelty-free’, but you get the idea.  Each of the products declares itself to be paraben free and against animal testing. The Blueberry and Spiced Orange Bath Bombs both state themselves to also be paraben free and, in addition, the blueberry bath bomb is also suitable for vegans. The ingredients in each don’t differ greatly, so whether they are all vegan-friendly and it has just been missed from the packaging I don’t know. It isn’t immediately obvious which ingredients render it to be unsuitable.

And that’s it! There were a few others but these were the few I was able to get hold of. I missed out on the gingerbread man bath bomb which is a shame and there was also a strawberry cupcake Bath Bomb but I decided against that due to the overly synthetic fragrance I detected through the box. My overall first impressions now that I have them home and out of the box is that they are quite synthetic in fragrance. Additionally, other than the Snowman and the Blueberry Sparkle Cupcake, the scents don’t seem particularly strong. But then that could be a good thing. Either way, they look good for the price paid.

I am happy that I have a good range to try though and if they are any good I will head back to pick up some more. Should you be interested in a review, be sure to follow my blog and YouTube Channel as there will be a review coming soon!

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Festive Poundland Bath Haul

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