Blogmas 2017 – Day 10 – Decorating The Christmas Tree (a.k.a the Ho Ho Tree)

My post today is a little more personal to me but I thought I would share with those of you seeking, or just enjoying, the Christmas feels.

If you read my Blogmas Day 7 post – A letter to Santa, you will know that Christmas is a little different for me this year. It used to be that the tree came out, the Christmas songs went on and I took my time adding the beading and baubles to my own design. This time, there are four little elves putting up the Christmas tree. So this was my first experience of what I have come to fondly call ‘The Takeover’. However, it was a cosy christmassy Saturday. Additionally, other than a somewhat overpopulated and slightly uneven tree, it looked quite good.

Yes, when it came to decorating what is now known as the ‘Ho Ho’ tree, a sense of OCD would take hold. But with children around, that would just drive one to madness. So, releasing that need to be ‘just so’ and letting them enjoy the experience was all part of the fun. Once in bed, the rejigging began. With baubles removed and redistributed, and some sneaky chocolate bells popped on to surprise them. We even popped on some orange sticks to scent the room and boy do they do so. Fragrant and a touch spicy, they provide the lounge with a lovely spiced citrus scent.

Then, once finalised, a cheeky but lovely glass of prosecco to celebrate. Now we just need to find space for the Christmas robin, penguin and sleigh…

Robin, Penguin & Sleigh

Decorating The Christmas Tree

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Decorating The Christmas Tree

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