Blogmas 2017 – Day 13 – Glitter Get Ready With Me

Guys, today is a special day! I am very excited to be collaborating with the beautiful Bella from Beauty on a Budget as we Shimmer Across the Generations! I have linked her channel below so go take a look!

Glitter isn’t something that I tend to use very often. These days, being a bit older, you could say boring, and with a preference for cosy PJs and a quiet glass of Prosecco, I don’t tend t go out, out. You know what I mean. With that, comes more demure makeup looks without much sparkle as it just feels a little over the top for me. For those of you that ‘glitter it up’ day to day, I salute you. For me though, I tend to be a little more understated and reserve the glitter for special occasions.

The same goes for pinks and plums. Whilst I think they suit me, I don’t opt to apply them that often, especially the brighter colours, however, as part of Bella’s days of getting ready with her friends, we agreed to create looks with pinks and plum shades with the addition of some sparkle.

A bit about Bella

Bella talks mostly about Makeup. Being a channel about Beauty on a Budget, Bella loves lots of the same brands as me and has been my main friend since joining YouTube. One of the striking things about Bella, well, actually, there are two really:

  1. Bella is the most supportive person that I have come across so far in the YouTube community. She encourages and supports so many of her fellow YouTubers and it is very inspiring.

  2. Bella’s primary focus is on beauty for more mature skin and a more mature look, and she knows certainly what she is talking about. Bella looks fantastic is her videos. Her hair always looks lovely and her makeup always suits her, she really knows how to put herself together.

On top of that, and I am not just returning the favour because she was kind enough to say something similar about me, but she is the type of person you would love to have as your mum. I say this, because, other than being so supportive in the Youtube Community as I said before, her slightly more serious videos present a different side to Bella and you can tell that she is very wise about life. She has been through a lot in life and you can see that she thinks more widely than just her own experience as she speaks.

Bella is very relatable, even when you haven’t necessarily experienced the same things. In many ways, she reminds me a lot of my own mum, who I am very close to and am very proud to be, so perhaps that is why I feel such an affinity with Bella. Who knows, anyway, go watch her video and let her know how fabulous she is.

Products used for this look:

The Ordinary High Spreadability Fluid Primer:

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer:

Makeup Revolution – Highlighter Palette – Radiance:

W7 Get Set Eye Shadow Base:

Collection Sheer Loose Powder:

The Naughty Nine – Mid Summer Night:


Delicious Eyeshadow Palette:

Super Precision Extra Fine Eyeliner Pen:

Collection Volumax Mascara:

Lashes available at TK Maxx

I very much hope you enjoyed this collaboration with Bella. Go on, hop on over to her YouTube to support this wonderful caring content creator. Here is a link to Bella’s Channel, go say hi and, if you wouldn’t mind, let her know I sent you. She’s so lovely and it will make her day.

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2 thoughts on “Blogmas 2017 – Day 13 – Glitter Get Ready With Me

  1. Wish I saw this last night before I went out, but will try this tomorrow night when we go for a meal. I want Xmas eyes!! I always go too far and it goes wrong! I used highlighter as an eyeshadow last night for the first time too!

    1. Hi Sammy! So glad you got to see this before heading out for a meal. Did you try it out in the end? How did it go? Highlighter as an eyeshadow is a revelation! Can’t stop doing it now!

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