Blogmas 2017 – Day 14 – Christmas Gift Tags for 2017

To put things bluntly, my Christmas tag situation this year has been a bit of a disaster. I usually make my own tags because, if you know me via my blog or YouTube Channel, you will know I am a little creative. I like to make things and at Christmas, I love making tags.

So, in planning for Blogmas this year, DIY Christmas Gift Tags was going to be a post. Not only was it going to be a post, it was going to be a YouTube video. So I set about making sure I had all the things I needed.

To begin with, I collated all of my usual craft making gear. I found my little hole punch that I got from a Christmas Cracker (soooooo handy!), I rooted out the different card and papers, found my stamps and even bought some more for my Christmas Craft Haul.

Since I began my Blogmas journey this year, I have had the creative elements of my gift wrapping in mind. I have set ideas. Sometimes that is a great thing and sometimes the output just doesn’t live up to expectation so I knew I was taking a risk.

To fulfil the project I decided I needed a few little bits which I purchased from Amazon to finish things off. The beginning of my troubles was when those purchases didn’t arrive. I knew they were going to take a while as they were coming from overseas. I ordered them in October and they are still not here. Great.

Ok, first world problems. So, nevermind, I’ll just make them anyway with the things I have got. A few years ago I created my own template which I use time and again. I have loads of peel off stickers, stamps and glitter so it would be fine. Or so I thought. I even filmed the video. However, each and every time I completed a tag I was disappointed. Now I know I can be a bit unfair to myself sometimes but you have to be happy with your work right?

So I abandoned it and went down a different route. They are still DIY in a way as I am designing them, but I decided to purchase some pre-cut tags. I picked these up from Amazon. Should you wish to, you can buy them here:

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