Blogmas 2017 – Day 16 – Childhood Christmas Memories

Hello and welcome to a reflective and nostalgic Blogmas Day 16 post. Today I thought I would reminisce a little about my childhood Christmas memories. Am I the only one that doesn’t remember that many?

As a small person

When we were little, my brother and I would usually find our presents at the end of our beds. For so many years I would wake up at different times of the night and suddenly realise the presents could be there! Had Santa been?

This routine began when I knew Father Christmas was real and throughout the transition and acceptance that, actually, mum and dad were the secret Santa impersonators. Anyway, back to the presents… were they there at the end of the bed yet? What was the time!? Sometimes the landing light would still be on, indicating mum and dad were still downstairs so no presents had been sneaked in yet. Other times, all would be quiet and dark and I could feel gift-wrapped boxes in my Christmas stocking making it tricky to get back to sleep. I never caught my parents bringing them in. I always thought I would, but it never happened.

There are also vague memories, being so little at the time, of the days when we would take our presents to mum and dad’s bedroom in Number 52. The room would be strewn with colourful paper as we delved into our stash of gifts. Then, as we grew bigger, things moved downstairs and we would all go into the lounge.

I remember the thrill of realising that Dad really had gone the extra mile one year. As we read the little riddle, I remember realising that we were embarking on a Christmas Treasure Hunt. Little knowing that at the end there would be a brand spanking new PC (which kids nowadays would laugh at) that I could play Dungeon Keeper on.

A little later

In the early teen years, I remember the ‘big table’ where the adults all sat, and the little table for me, my brother and my cousin. Vividly, I remember the little bottles of Babycham we were allowed to drink but didn’t really like if we were honest. I also remember my dearly departed Grampy slaving over the sink once everyone had finished. We didn’t have a dishwasher. Apparently, we didn’t need one as my parents had me. Funny.

I also recall a recurring memory of listening to whatever CD I had received that year. Spice Girls was definitely one I remember and I would often stand in front of my mirror, miming away with a hairbrush. There must be dents in those walls from the times I used to luzz it away from me anytime someone would come through the door.


Now that I live elsewhere and keep my own home, I miss that Christmas morning routine. Mum listening to music as she cooked cocktail sausage and sausage rolls, and prepared Christmas dinner. Me nicking the sausage related food at every opportunity and feeling stuffed way too early in the day.

It seems odd that I can’t remember much else but this is often the case with my brain. I’m not so good at recalling the specific time and date events. I have thoroughly enjoyed reflecting on things though and it has inspired me to talk to mum and dad about it to see if they remember others.


Do you have favourite Christmas memories? What stands out to you? Let me know in the comments as it may prompt my own!

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Christmas Memories

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