Blogmas 2017 – Day 18 – Festive Pamper Plans

Does anyone else like to have a good ol’ pamper to prepare themselves for the festive season? I don’t always get round to it but I am making the time this year and here is how!

If you’re anything like me, you may have been neglecting yourself a little in the run-up to Christmas. With all of this Blogmas work, I could also do with an unwind to relax and ease the aches and pains caused by my ongoing back problems.

I won’t venture through the boundaries of TMI, but you know the score. Things have just gotten a little lax and I need a good old pamper to spruce myself back up in readiness for the festivities.


This Candy Cane Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blaster smells minty, fresh and divine. In my opinion, I am yet to find anything to rival Lush for bath products but Bomb Cosmetics produce some gorgeous alternatives and this Candy Cane scented product is just what I need for a festive bath. Sweet and minty aromas of the peppermint and bergamot ingredients, this blaster contains natural butter to nourish your skin. I have actually had my eye on one of the fruity Bomb Cosmetics sets on my Christmas list this year (this one: because I was suckered in by the idea of the rhubarb scented blaster…

Amazon does offer a whole bunch of Bomb Cosmetics sets to suit your preferred fragrances though, and you can take a look here if interested:


Facial Exfoliation

For those of us who haven’t got ourselves some of the Glam Glow exfoliating masks, this Aldi offering provides and fresh and robust alternative. This mask is tightening, refreshing and exfoliating but certainly isn’t for sensitive skin. More info is available in my YouTube review, which compares it to the Primark Love to Glow mask. Both of which I love for refreshed, soft skin.



As it is Christmas, I am treating myself to a not so affordable facemask. Ok, so £6.50 (via isn’t going to break the bank but if you were using these regularly the cost would soon add up. I was lucky enough to grab this Keeome mask for just £2 with an offer via my mobile phone network. This is a Korean facemask and the little research I have undertaken promises good things. With the cold air, central heating and continual germies flying about, I am looking forward to treating my skin to a hydration injection.


Scrub, Wash and Moisturise

This Peppermint Marshmallow body scrub, body wash and body butter was a gift to me last Christmas. My brother treated me to a giant Boots Extracts set and this was one of the four scents. As I took this scent section out to niff, I knew I was going to save it for Christmas this year. This smells so delicious and I have been looking forward to it as part of a festive pamper all year!



I have been epilating my legs for years now. The majority of the preference comes from the slower and finer regrowth when compared to that you get having shaved. Exfoliating lasts weeks rather than days and the more you do it the easier it becomes. I have had my Braun Silk Epil for years now but would recommend the investment. New and improved versions are now available and you can check them out here:



My favourite nail combination, at the moment, is to layer Gold Glitter Polish and silver glitter polish.

This combination looks festive and gorgeous on their own or applied over a coloured polish. I will be using my Tanya Burr Gold and Silver Glitters which I received as part of her beauty advent calendar last year. However, Barry M offer great alternatives.


And that’s my festive pamper plan. There will, of course, be lots of other products I use but at the moment I am happy with my non-festive faves. Currently I am loving The Ordinary’s ‘buffet’ and Hyaluronic Acid paired with Lidl’s Cien Gold Face Cream. How do you look atfer yourself ahead of Christmas? Do you have a Christmas pamper? Which are your favourite products to use?



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