Blogmas 2017 – Day 20 – Cosy Christmas Loungewear

Hello and welcome to Blogmas Day 20! So, who agrees that Christmas is about loungewear? Anyone? We all like to look nice and spruce ourselves up for our Christmas celebrations but for those cosy evenings in with your hot chocolate and tub of Roses (or Quality Street! Or Heroes, or Celebrations, the list is now endless…) what could possibly feel better than soft and snuggly clothes that stretch as you scoff.

In addition, this year has and will continue to be very different as I am spending so much of my time at home. As wonderful as it is to work at something I love doing and not have to trudge to work each day, some of the perks of an external workplace are now missing. Being my own boss means I work at different times of the day and must pay for lighting. The benefits of home lighting rather than the awful fluorescent strip lights are a blessing, but the cost has transferred to me.

A particular concern for me is keeping warm. Yes, there are methods to heat the home but, again, this costs money. I am currently not making much on my journey and the heating is no longer covered by an employer. So, I have been investing in cosy loungewear to keep warm and snuggly throughout the winter months. The additional bonus is that I have lovely soft, relaxing loungewear to cosy up in over the Christmas period and these are my favourites:


Primark Cardigans

Back in early October, I uploaded an Autumnal Primark Haul. Following a successful birthday venture to the big land that is the rest of England, I had picked up some new cardigans from the holy Land of Primark. And boy do I love them. They are soft, snuggly and gorgeous. For a closer look, take a look at that video which I have linked below. Look, there they are on the thumbnail!

Reindeer PJs

I found these in M&Co last year in December. My friend and I were heading to the pub for some festive drinks and I popped into M&Co whilst I waited. The warmth drew me in… honest! These beauties were in the sale and I grabbed them for £10. I remember sitting in the pub that day thinking how I was looking forward to wearing them that evening. I wasn’t disappointed. They have served me time and again (yes, even mid-year) and kept me cosy and warm on colder nights.

I have checked the website and, unfortunately, these are no longer available. However, my point is that fleecy pyjama bottoms are one of the loves of my life. Also, a great thing about M&Co is that they have a mix and match pyjama section. This is perfect for those, like me, who don’t necessarily want to purchase a traditional pyjama top.

Red Peacocks Cosy jumper

This soft lounge top was one I bought a few years ago now in Peacocks. I remember my mum mentioning she had seen something soft and warm and lovely in Peacocks so I stopped by to take a look. And I ended up walking out having handed over the cash for this one. Although it is losing some of the softness now due to the number of times it has been worn and washed,  I still love to wear this. One of my favourite lounge combos it to pair this with my Reindeer PJs. Having perused Peacocks website, they don’t seem to have individual lounge tops available that are similar. However, for £18, they do have lounge tops available with leggings: Womens Red Star Lounge Legging Set, and this is certainly something that interests me! Love the red top.


Peacocks Slipper Boots – £12

These slippers are also from Peacocks and I bought them just recently. One of the things I have noticed is that, even with thick warm socks on, my feet are a little cold when at home. Much of my work is at a computer and with that sedentary work, combined with a cold kitchen floor (when I make tea, not go to the fridge!) I find my little tootsies get a little chilly. So, it was time to invest in some slippers. I had been looking on the internet for a while to find a set I liked and established that I am a little fussy when it comes to warming my feet! I wanted some bootie style slippers to prevent them falling off, as this seems to happen to me a lot. Then, whilst out Christmas shopping, I found these! They are so, so very soft. Sometimes I just sit and stroke the soft material and marvel at it. I’m not even joking. I’m not really a fan of the baubles, but other than that they were perfect and just £12. If you fancy checking them out you can find them on the Peacocks website here: Peacocks Slipper Boots


Tesco Lounge top – £16 – The Hoodie

This is just gorgeous. So, I popped to Tesco back in October for a few bits of shopping and, that day, the weather was chilly. Still being convinced that I needed more warm clothes for the coming winter, I scoped out this big pile of softness. With a cosy fleece lining in the hood and the softest interior I have ever experienced, this oversized hoodie could not make me happier. It featured in my October Favourites and I still feel the same.  It never fails to warm me up and still, I put the hood up and stroke the soft velvety fabric like it is a pet. Should you wish to get cosy in this big polka dotted softness you can purchase it directly from Tesco here: Polka Dot Long Line Fleece Lounge Hoodie 

Tesco lounge Top – £12 – The furry one

This massive and fabulous furry item is another Tesco Lounge Top. It is very thick but not cumbersome. It also has a funnel neck to snuggle down in and keep your neck and ears warm. There have been so many occasions where I have popped this on and warmed right up. This one also has a giant pocket on the front which is handy for keeping your hands warm. I find this is one of the best tops to warmly watch a movie. And you can even hide a few sweets in the pocket for when you’re feeling nibbly.

You can buy this lounge top from Tesco direct here: F&F Funnel Neck Cosy Lounge Top 

Tesco Lounge Pants – £10

I bought these lounge pants at the same time as buying the furry funnel neck lounge top. With a pretty foil star design, they team well with both of my Tesco lounge tops and help to keep me cosy. These aren’t the most flattering design, if that is a consideration for you, because of the tapered leg shape. However, they are loungewear and when you’re at home anything goes! You can find out more or buy them from Tesco her: Foil Star Print Cuffed Lounge Pants


And so, there is my Christmas Cosies. Before you asked, no this post wasn’t sponsored, particularly by Tesco, just so happens that I have grown fond of their loungewear section. In addition, I’m sure you sensed the theme of the post. Soft, warm and snuggly. This is my life now. Gone are the days of tight clothing and high heels, I got old and I love it.

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