Blogmas 2017 – Day 21 – Christmas Gift Wrapping 2017

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would show you how I am wrapping my gifts this year. I love reading about and watching videos of others wrapping gifts because I love how it inspires me.

This year, as I mentioned in my Christmas Crafting Haul, I had an idea in mind for my gifts. This tends to happen to me and I develop a bit of a theme for how I want them to look. Where I got the idea for this year I don’t know. I suspect it was Pinterest and this is often the place where my inspiration comes from.

The Idea

So back in October, when I was thinking about Blogmas and Christmas this year I decided I would go for brown wrapping paper. I’m aware this has dipped in and out of the Christmas fashions over the last few years and this year I went for it. I had visions of Brown paper with white snowflake prints and decorated with crisply striped twine and a gold bell. So that’s what I did.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas 2017

First, I perused Ebay and Amazon. I opted for some teeny little jingle bells, a white ink pad, some largeish rubber stamps in snowflake and bauble designs, and then some bakers twine. I deliberated for ages over the colour of the baker’s twine because there were just so many options! And, if you were ordering early like me and were will to purchase from far away lands, the twine was very, very affordable!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas 2017

Finally, I decided on traditional colours and ordered green and white and red and white. I remember being particularly drawn to the depth of the colour in the accompanying image feeling happy with how the colours contrasted with the white. I have to say though, the gold and white came a close third. Maybe next year.

As the weeks passed, the ink pad, the rubber stamps and the bells arrived. but no twine. Fast forward to just a couple of weeks ago and the twine still hadn’t arrived. I was miffed but determined so found myself back on Ebay where I bought some replacements. The red and white twine was very similar but the green version was different to the previous one ordered. But, it was still pretty and I would just have to make do if I didn’t want to pay extra.

The tag situation came later. As I explained in my Christmas Gift Tags for 2017 post, I had to rethink my plan. But I am very happy with the Plan B. Although I usually make my own tags from scratch, this year I found these cute little Christmas Tree shapes online. So I bought some and decided I would decorate them myself.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas 2017

So then the hunt for the brown paper began. Usually, Poundland has rolls of brown paper and for just £1, the quality isn’t too bad either. But guess what, there was none. All normal brown paper has been replaced by Christmas themed rolls. And beautiful they were too, just not for me this year. Eventually, I gave up on Poundland and ventured in WHSmith. Here on a 3 for 2, I bought 3 rolls of 7m recycled brown paper.

And then the wrapping commenced

Alas, I had everything I needed and so the wrapping began and I am very happy with the results.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas 2017

How have you wrapped your gifts this year? Do you have a theme?

Links to the products I used:

Christmas Tree Gift Tags:

Jingle Bells:

Baker’s Twine from Amazon (this is a link to the same product but is not the seller I used):

Dovecraft White Ink:

Snowflake Rubber Stamp:

Bauble Rubber Stamp:

Snowflake Collection Rubber Stamp:

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