Blogmas 2017 – Day 23 – Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 – A Mini Festive Reflection

Hello to you all and Happy 23rd December 2017! This last year has gone by so quickly and just ahead of Christmas kicking off into full swing, I thought I would indulge in a little festive reflection.

I first considered leaving my job back in January and, that waiting game throughout the next 8 months was long but still zipped by. Each day, I was trying not to wish life away and the further through time I went, the more I couldn’t believe how fast it was going. Then, in September, once I stopped the normal 9-5 routine, things sped up even further. I’m not complaining, I have loved it. Life feels very different.

Shortly after, aspects of my personal life changed again, and a whole new chapter was introduced and I hope to share more of that side of things in the coming year.

The difference between life at the beginning of 2017 and now is incredible. But, the best bit is that I am smiling as I say that. One of the things that has really changed for me this year is how grateful I am for how my life is now. There are things I would change if I could, and there are things I would like to do differently. But all in all, I can’t complain.

I have never really been excited about a new year. Usually, I just feel like the clock ticks over, and with January comes the same old routine. Previously the New Year would mean the end of a Christmas break from work. Instead of feeling refreshed, the sluggish dread would begin to build, in anticipation of getting back on that treadmill of work. But, this year, lots has changed. The internal world, being my immediate day-to-day, from my perspective looks and feels very different. I look forward to each day. I do plan to have a little break from this full-time blogging malarkey, but, in these early days, there is much I can be doing to get ahead.


I would also like to spend some time considering goals for 2018. Never really being one for this sort of thing, setting goals isn’t something I have undertaken thus far. However, I understand how they can help to motivate and encourage and I would like to try it. I like the concept of really thinking about what I would like to achieve and setting my mind to it. I have learnt so much about blogging and YouTube in this last year. But, as fellow content creators will knowingly nod their heads along with, there is always more that you can learn. I am someone who loves to learn, evolve and improve. As a result, I am very much looking forward to growing and developing further. These are exciting times.

I also just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to each and every one of you that reads my blog. Whether you have been with me since the beginning or are new in the latter part of this year, thank you and do please let me know if there is anything you would like to see from me.

How has your 2017 been and what do you want to achieve in 2018? Do you have a list of goals?


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