Blogmas 2017 – Day 3 – Christmas Crafting Haul

Hello everyone and welcome to another Blogmas post! Today I thought I would share a Christmas Crafting Haul. Here I will show you a few of the crafting bits and bobs I purchased recently to help me along with my crafting and DIY projects this Christmas. This haul includes rubber stamps, ink, stickers and embossing powder! Take a look!

Peel Off Stickers

Christmas Crafting Haul

Peel off stickers are one of my favourite crafting accessories. They never faily to add a little something extra to designs. They also pretty much guarentee that lettering will look special. I have been know, on many an occasion, to mess up a design due to the pressure of having to produce lettering. Not worth the stress when affordable peel off sticks are so pretty!

Christmas Crafting Haul


Stamps & Ink

I love rubber stamps for crisp (most of the time) printed images. It is also great that you can choose your own colours by swapping ink or felt pens. I picked up a few extra little image stamps and some additional Christmas sentiments for use with clear stamping blocks. I also needed some bigger stamps for making wrapping paper which is where the bauble and snowflake designs come in.

Christmas Crafting Haul

Ink stamps also help to make crafting easier and I only have a few colours. This little pack from The Range looks like it will come in handy.

Christmas Crafting Haul

Embossing Powder

Embossing powder, although a little fiddly, helps to create such pretty effects. I already have silver and gold powder which I use regularly. As a little addition and because I am very much on the rose gold/copper bandwagon, I thought I would add some copper powder to my collection.

Christmas Crafting Haul

What are your favourite crafting tips and tools?

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Christmas Crafting Haul

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