Blogmas 2017 – Day 4 – Favourite Christmas Songs

In recent years, I have found myself interested in a combination of classic Christmas tunes and alternative, slightly more modern releases. So, for Blogmas Day 4 I thought it could be interesting to share my Favourite Christmas Songs. From my perspective, the old favourites that are played time and again are just a given. They are a staple of Christmas time are Christmas. So much so that they almost don’t need a mention.

Favourite Christmas Songs

To give you the gist, I mean oldie but goodies such as Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ and Wizzard’s ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’. Always on and always great. However, currently, the favourites on my playlist are:

Martin Carlberg featuring Tamesha Alexander – Santa Hold On

YouTube link:

I first discovered this song through watching Christmassy vlogs by Lily Pebbles and Anna from The Anna Edit. They both used it in various formats and I found myself wanting to hear it again, alongside the little Christmassy emotional tears it inspired me to shed. Because it is just so, so very lovely and feeds you all of the Christmas feels.

Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas

YouTube link:

Who doesn’t find themselves having a little head nod or tow tap to this one right? A great mover and shaker to bring on those Christmas vibes.

Mariah Carey – Joy to the world

YouTube link:

Mariah has had several Christmas albums but for me, there are only a few of the songs that I have gone back to you over the years. Joy to the world is one of them. I don’t know if it is because I loved that end scene of Sister Act two and it reminds me of that? But I always find myself warbling along to it at Christmas and destroying the eardrums of those around me.

Otis Reading – White Christmas

YouTube link:

Otis has such a fantastic voice and this song was reignited via the Love Actually soundtrack. This is a wonderful track that feels a little different. So many of the Christmas songs seem more ‘standard’ (that isn’t a criticism!) with their verses and chorus’, and this feels more authentic. Do you know what I mean? But then then that’s Otis’ style and why his music is so superb.

Brenda Lee – Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

YouTube link:

Coming at you straight from a scene in Home Alone, a great boppy Christmas song. I always think of Kevin, dancing around the lounge pretending a house party is in full swing and how that just wouldn’t work in reality. But, I still love the scene and the momentum of the song.

Donny Hathaway – This Christmas

YouTube link:

This song is literally about how wonderful and special Christmas can be with the ones you love. It gives me all of the Christmas feels with thoughts of warm fires, Christmas trees, mistletoe and time spent with the people you love to be with. Soppy but lovely.

Favourite Christmas Songs

For the quieter times:

Pentatonix – Hallelujah

YouTube link:

Originally written by Canadian singer Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah isn’t really a Christmas song but Pentatonix released their version on their Christmas album. This track literally gives me goose pimples. Pentatonix have fantastic voices and can revitalise any song out there, but this one is pretty special.

Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now

YouTube link:

Another from the Love Actually Soundtrack and a not a traditional bouncy Christmas tune. I love this song for quiet moments. I have talked previously in my Happiness is… series about needing quiet time and this song seems to force me to stop what I am doing and just listen. It evokes a little bit of emotion as I can’t help but think of the Love Actually scene where Emma Thompson realises that some unpleasant things are afoot in her marriage. A powerful and emotional scene indeed, but there is a strength behind it that is inspiring. This may not be a Christmas song in everyone’s book, but it reminds me of calm and quiet festive evenings with cosy twinkling lights.

Stevie Wonder – Ave Maria

YouTube link:

It’s Stevie Wonder. Enough said. Not really, this is another of those songs that feels festive but is for the quieter moments. Listening to this reminds me of preparing food in the kitchen and enjoying the contrast of the springy Christmas tunes mixed with these softer tones from one of the motown greats.

Stevie Wonder – Someday at Christmas

YouTube link:

Another one of those songs I so often find myself singing. It isn’t so much about the lyrics, but you can feel the sense of hope behind so much of Stevie’s work. With a great deal of Christmas being about hope and happiness, this one fits the bill.

John Williams – Somewhere in my Memory – Main Title from Home Alone

YouTube link:

Twinkly notes that inspire memories of the mischievous Kevin Mccallister and the now countless times I have watched the Home Alone 1 and 2. In particular, this tune reminds me of the happy endings after such extensive slapstick. I actually cannot bring myself to watch any of the additional Home Alone films. Just no.

Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis – Auld Lang Syne

YouTube link:

A wonderful New Years Eve scene from the Sex in the City movie sparked this favourite. It’s just nice.


And there they are. My top 12 songs of choice. I like to revisit these songs often to mix things up a little and pepper the usual favourites with something a little bit different.

How about you guys? What are your favourite Christmas songs? Do you have any alternative favourites?

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Favourite Christmas Songs

2 thoughts on “Blogmas 2017 – Day 4 – Favourite Christmas Songs

  1. mariah carey is CHRISTMAS PERSONIFIED for me. that song is my all time favourite christmas song ever ever ever, its always a bit of a tradition that the first time i hear it i get crazy super excited and have to eat ALL the mince pies!! never fails to make me smile the first time its played on the radio!

    katie. xx ♥

    1. I am in total agreement. It just never gets old and when it comes on, it means the Christmas season has truly begun! The beginning few notes are instantly recognisable and I bet there are millions of us that all feel the same! Thanks for the comment, it’s great to hear from others who feel the same way! 🎄 🎶

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