Blogmas 2017- Day 5 – A Syn Free Festive Coffee

Attention coffee lovers! I have been drinking this syn free festive coffee throughout November until now. I love it. Interested in how to make this minty festive delight?

Syn Free Festive Coffee for Christmas

You will need:

    • 1 teaspoon of instant coffee (or however much you prefer)

    • Mint Coffee Syrup

    • Milk

    • A Milk Frother

I talked previously on my blog and in videos of my love for coffee. I have also dicuseed how, at times, I prefer something easy to make at home rather than elaborate coffee shop creations which are often high in syns and sweetness. Don’t misjudge me, I can rival the champions for chocolate consumption, but sometimes I just want something a little bit sweet and not so teeth rotting.

Syn Free Festive Coffee for Christmas

This year, I remembered the ‘Peppermint bark’ Skinny syrup I had in the cupboard and thought I would make use of it. I also came across an old forgotten milk frother and felt somewhat inspired.

Now you may think ‘Pfft! Quality content there Amy… this is an instant coffee!’ I hear the slightly sarcastic tone but really, bear with me. I wanted to share this as I only recently stumbled across it and if I have spent this much of my life missing out on this sumptuous, syn free beauty, you may have too.

I think, ultimately, I never had frothy milk at home so this is all new to me. And this is alongside finding a love for minty coffee since I discovered the Mint Chocolate Beanie’s flavour!

How to make it

So, to begin with boil the kettle. Pop some milk in the jug and microwave it for about a minute. Alternatively, you could warm it on the stove if you prefer.

Add the instant coffee (sometimes I even like to use my Beanies Double Chocolate instant coffee in this recipe – I know, spoiling myself indeed!) to your mug. Here I am using a a fancy glass coffee glass. Oooh get me! Then, pop in a teaspoon of the peppermint bark syrup. I only have a teaspoon as I find it to be quite sweet, but you can add more if you fancy.

Syn Free Festive Coffee for Christmas

Once the milk is warmed, use the frother to froth up the milk. Without a designated frother, you could use a whisk but, in my experience, it doesn’t froth things quite so well. The same milk frother is available from Amazon and you can find it here:

Syn Free Festive Coffee for Christmas

Pour the frothed milk into the mug ensuring that you get the top layer of the milk in their too. That’s the bit that will fluff up your drink. Pour in the hot water and give it a good stir. If you’re feeling like a little something extra, you could give it a dusting of cocoa to finish things off.

As simple as this is, it tastes like a treat and feels festive. What’s more, it’s syn free on Slimming World so I can drink them all day (if using milk from your allowance)!

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Syn Free Festive Coffee for Christmas

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