Hello everyone! Where is this year going!? Do you guys feel the same? Back in early February, I uploaded a Primark Haul. Here I showed you a beautiful warm toned palette from Primark’s beauty range. But I didn’t try it for ages whilst I got carried away with panning a palette. Alas, now is the time.


W7 Major Matte - 3 looks 1 palette FI


Hello everyone on this wonderful Wednesday. I hope that you are having a good day wherever you may be. Today I am talking about the W7 Major Matte palette in response to requests received from my lovely YouTube subscribers.

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Project Pan – 2018 Intro

Project Pan time people! I’m new to this. So new in fact, that I have no idea whether my list of products to pan would be considered extensive, sensible or poor. However, I would like to attempt to pan some products and this is my introduction.

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Primark Haul – February 2018 | Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion

Good day to you my friends. Today I have a Primark haul to share with you all… (poet!) and I have been super happy with all of these items so far! Interested to see what I got?

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Valentines Eyes | A Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial

So it’s February and you know what that means. The day of luuuuuuurve is almost upon us. Whether you are expecting a date night with your partner, a night out with your pals or just a snuggly night in with hot chocolate, movies, popcorn and a bath bomb, it’s an opportunity to enjoy. And, for those of us who may want to pop on a Valentine inspired makeup look, check out these cherry chocolate eyes!

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Pan That Palette 2018

Pan That Palette 2018 – Project Pan

Do you guys know what panning a palette is? I didn’t until recently and once I understood, I LOVED the idea.

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Mascara Journey

Mascara Journey | Finding The Best Mascara Look

Hello everyone and welcome to a post that is a little different to usual. Today I thought I would talk a little bit about my mascara journey and struggles, in the hope that clawing my way out of a mascara rut is something that may help some of you.

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