Slimming World - The Synful, Social Me

Slimming World – The Synful, Social Me

This week has been peppered with social engagements and, me being me, I have indulged in the usual style. When at home I have stayed on plan but, whilst out, I have enjoyed the finer things – you know how it is. Wine, pizza, garlic bread, olives and baked camembert have all featured whilst catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

Slimming World - The Synful, Social Me


Slimming World - Still in a rut

Slimming World – Still in a rut

First of all, I must apologise for missing my Slimming World post last week. A combination of me being a doughnut and not having my head in gear, resulted in not having the equipment I needed available. Consequently, I was not ready to publish at my usual Tuesday evening time. With the delay inevitable, the situation as it was, and with my continued stuck in a rutness, I just decided, on this occasion, to leave it until the following week and concentrate on future content. Again, apologies, normal service resumes today.

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Slimming World - Meal Planning

Slimming World – Meal Planning

If you have read my post about Getting Organised, you will know that meal planning is not a favourite task. However, the process of compiling that piece led me to consider that perhaps I was overthinking it. I have always found that deciding on breakfast and lunch have been the hardest part of planning.  So, I decided to break it down. Nevertheless, having removed some of the weight of the chore, I then replaced the workload by reasoning that it would be wise to keep several ongoing lists. I shall explain…

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Slimming World - Get Organised - Vertical Title

Slimming World – Get Organised

I used to believe that keeping a food diary was the only thing required to stay on track, but something that has become of equal importance is meal planning. This is interesting because I don’t often do it and perhaps here lies my problem. I tend to find that my ability to stay on plan and the subsequent impact on my weight loss, is always better when I get organised and am feeling prepared. Unfortunately, this is not a zone that I often appear to be in.

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The Fakeaway Beef & Black Bean - Featured Image

Slimming World – The Fakeaway – Beef & Black Bean

On the basis that this looks the part and being that it is I writing this post, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a picture of a takeaway. But no, this Slimming World - The Fakeaway, Beef & Black Bean meal is, in fact, a slimming world friendly dish and commonly known as a Fakeaway.

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