Favourite Christmas Songs

Blogmas 2017 – Day 4 – Favourite Christmas Songs

In recent years, I have found myself interested in a combination of classic Christmas tunes and alternative, slightly more modern releases. So, for Blogmas Day 4 I thought it could be interesting to share my Favourite Christmas Songs. From my perspective, the old favourites that are played time and again are just a given. They are a staple of Christmas time are Christmas. So much so that they almost don’t need a mention.

Favourite Christmas Songs (more…)

Welcome to Blogmas 2017

Blogmas 2017 – Day 2 – Welcome to Blogmas 2017!

Hello everyone and welcome to my Blogmas 2017!

It’s December! Okay, I know it is 2 December today but the first was a Friday. If you are a follower of mine, you will know that Fridays are my Food Friday posts and I couldn’t break the routine! So yesterday was a Festive Breakfast idea for Christmas day. It’s what I will be having this year because it is so delicious. Why not take a look and try it out? It’s low FODMAP and relatively friendly in terms of Slimming World.

Welcome to Blogmas 2017


Nando's Inspired Spicy Rice

Food Friday | Nando’s Inspired Spicy Rice

Hello everyone and welcome to the next Food Friday instalment. Whether you are a Slimming World Slimmer or a Low FODMAP friend, this Nando's Inspired Spicy Rice recipe is versatile and can be incorporated into lots of dishes. Now, I never used to like rice. I found it boring and never fancied it. Little did I realise that in a few years things would change so much!


Happiness is... Relaxing. 10 Ways to Relax

Happiness is… Relaxing | 10 ways to relax

Hello everyone and welcome to another instalment of my Happiness is... series. Stress is such a big part of our lives these days, with so many priorities and responsibilities and so relaxation can take a back seat. Even when people try to relax, they can feel lazy, guilty and/or selfish for taking time for themselves. If you are anything like me, you need a measure of both pressure and chill time, and with stress also being such a widespread health concern, we need to forget the negative thoughts about relaxing and accept that we need to achieve some balance.


Getting Creative – DIY Newborn Baby Gift

If you saw any of my daily vlogs back in September, you may know that there were several babies entering the world around me. Attending baby showers was a regular thing that month. A little while later and these babies have started to arrive. One, in particular, has been born to a very good friend of mine and I have been wracking my brains as to what to buy as a celebratory gift. Here is the little story surrounding the situation:


Food Friday | Low FODMAP & Slimming World Friendly | Cod in Olive & Tomato Sauce

Welcome to my first Foodie Friday recipe video! Today we are combining a few of my favourite things! Fish, tomatoes and olives! Mmmmm, mm. Here's how to make this delicious concoction that is both Slimming World and low Fodmap friendly. Happy days.