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So, some of you may know that I have been redecorating at home. The intention has essentially been to add some fresh paint and a fresh feel to my decor. As a result and along with the refreshed style, I have been keen to use fragrances to help develop ambience. I love the idea of creating different environments for the different aspects of my home. So, how did I go about it?

I am a candle fan, to say the least. I often mention my candles here on my website and I regularly feature candles and wax melts in my monthly thoughts and favourites videos over on my YouTube Channel.


Price’s offer a wide variety of candle collections, however, the Fragrance Collection is the newest. Launched last year, in 2018, it aims to appeal to a younger generation of candle lovers.

February 2019 saw the launch of an additional 6 fragrances to complete the Fragrance collection. Although there is already plenty to choose from, the additions expand the collection to a range of 30 scents. These, of course, are available across the variety of sizes. Of the range, the smallest is a candle tin and the largest is the contemporary large glass jar with burn times ranging from 25 (£3.50) to 150 hours (£18).

Across the collection, there is a vast array of choice across the fragrance families. So, whether you fancy a woody, spicy, floral, fresh, fruity or sweet scent there is plenty to choose from. Reed diffusers are also offered alongside the candles to create the perfect fragrance layering.

As it happens, I realised that I already own one of Price’s candles. As part of the Fresh Air Collection, it beautifully scents one of my kitchen cupboards with aromas of Lily, Violet and Orange Flower and helps to eliminate unwanted odours when brought out for use.

In terms of my choices, I opted for 3 different scents with a view to creating three individual environments.


The first was Lavender and Lemongrass and here you can see the Lavender and Lemongrass Boxed Jar Candle. I was never keen on lavender but recently it has become a firm favourite. Combine lavender with lovely lemongrass and I am hooked. My favourite way to enjoy a lavender scent is in the bath. I love the way shades of lavender appear against the grey tiles of my bathroom and the scent is perfect to create a relaxing and soothing bathing environment. Combine it with some lavender scented bath salts and it is heaven!

Having finished my bath, I took the lavender and lemongrass candle with me into the bedroom and placed it onto the window sill. The bedroom is larger than the bathroom but the boxed jar candle provided plenty of scent in the bigger room.


Then, for a fresh, uplifting and energising morning scent, I opted for the Lime and Basil. I spend a lot of time working in my lounge and often I feel the benefit of a fresh scent. Lime and Basil seemed perfect. Along with the colour of the wax, the scent is very citrusy and vibrant with a strong lime emphasis and hints of basil.

I have a moderately large lounge diner and I was worried that the scent wouldn’t be strong enough to fill the room. However, whilst it took a little while for the candle to release the scent, it wasn’t lost in the larger room. I loved the regular citrus wafts as I pottered about.


Finally, for the bedroom, I opted for something a little different for me. In Price’s words, the Oriental Nights fragrance is ‘a spicy, flowery bouquet marked by citrus and zesty top notes along a heart of rose, all combined with a sensual and cosy base note of sandalwood’.

This is the candle tin and is the smallest type of candle available. The warm cream colour of the wax is an ideal accompaniment to the soft warm tones of my bedside table, lamp and decorative items. And the scent? Well, whilst plentiful, it feels soft and luxurious. Perfect to create a quiet, relaxed environment to settle into for reading, a pamper, or ahead of a content slumber.

The Fragrance Collection is extensive and choosing just a few scents was a surprisingly tough decision! I love the sound of Damson Rose, Black Cherry, Sweet Pear and Frangipani to name but a few! To view and find out more about the collection, check them out here: Fragrance Collection.


  1. Hello Amy! I thoroughly enjoyed your review! Candles bring a whole new feel to the room you’re in with either a calming or bursting energy. I really like sandalwood scent but I’m still lingering on lavender and lemon grass candle. Those two scents together sound extremely relaxing 😁

    Natonya |

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