Hello everyone, I very much hope you have all had a good week and have found yourselves that Friday feeling! For this week, I thought I might share my current top low syn Slimming World treats. These items have been helping me to stay on track, as I explained in my recent weight loss update.

Before I delve into the nitty-gritty, I just need to say that I am in another phase. My preferred treats at the moment are sweets rather than chocolate so you will notice a few items that might usually belong in the hands of children… having said that, I am not entirely fussy and other types of treats are being utilised to help get me through the day on plan.


ASDA Dessert Laces

A recent discovery and a very happy one at that. These laces are 2 syns each and come in 4 flavours, blackcurrant pie, apple pie, lemon meringue and rhubarb and custard. All sweet and fruity and lovely if you like this sort of thing. I try to eat them as slowly as possible to make them last and with great flavour, these are a really nice treat for 80p per pack.


Dip Dab

I have two flavours that I picked up recently in my Home Bargains Haul. Strawberry lolly with lemon sherbert and a sour apple lolly variety with sour lemon sherbert. Both seem to take me ages to eat so I find these useful when trying to satisfy those pesky cravings. At 25p each, these are a sweet bargain and I always have some in my treat tin at the moment.

Double Dip

Another Home Bargains find to remind me of my childhood. Although more artificial tasting than I remember, these are also sweet and tasty and good for the sweet tooth in me. Using the swizzle stick to pick up the powder means they take ages to eat, again assisting in tackling those cravings that can be so detrimental to one’s Slimming World journey.


Fibre One Bars

Awfully expensive in my book but very often on offer in one place or another. B&M and Home Bargains both sell these for about £1.49 per box and I am a big fan of the lemon, chocolate and salted caramel flavours. At 4 and a half syns each (some count 4), these are great on their own or warmed in the microwave for 30 seconds with a twizzle of squirty cream on top.

Alpen Light Bars

An age-old favourite. Not my first choice if feeling in need of some sweetness but always help out when feeling a bit desperate! 2 Alpen light bars also forms a healthy extra B choice which can come in handy. If not, at just 3 syns a pop, these work well with a cup of tea.


Terry’s Chocolate Orange Segments

2 syns per segment feels a lot when you consider the half a second these can last. However, they are rich in flavour and are fabulous (in my opinion) when dipped into a cup of tea.


Do you have any favourite Slimming World treats? I love finding new discoveries that help me to manage my sun intake. I also very much hope you are feeling good on your Slimming World journey! For more Slimming World content, check out my YouTube Playlist.



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