Konmari Declutter Series – Belts & Scarves

Hello and welcome to the second part of my declutter series. Today, in line with the KonMari guidance, Belts and scarves are on the agenda.

Recently, I decluttered my handbags and it felt amazing to create such space. Although I am not following the exact order of the KonMari method, I am keeping to it as closely as possible and the next step is belts and scarves. I have a healthy collection of belts tucked away on top of my wardrobe and a vast number of scarves accumulated over the years. Well, I did have a vast number of scarves until I decluttered them for the first time a while back. Still, they need another sort through and the time is now.



Belt wearing was part of my life for a number of years during my early twenties. It was just a thing I did, something that I always considered as part of an outfit. I rarely ventured out without one. I felt they just added to an outfit, added some balance, a contrasting colour. When I look back at photos I always had one on. But that was a long time ago. I can’t remember when I stopped wearing them but the box of scarves on top of my wardrobe hasn’t been touched in years. I look at them from time to time and smile at the idea of them becoming useful again. Alas, it has been too long for that to be a possibility.


What can I say about scarves? I love them. They have been a staple for me for years and, unlike the belts, I have never had a break from them. Whether wrapped for snuggly warmth or draped to jazz up an outfit, I love the way they can add dimension and balance to an outfit. As I mentioned, my scarf collection got a little out of hand so I braved it and sorted through it a little while back. However, there is certainly more I can do. Many that I kept last time still haven’t been worn and so will be finding their way to a new home. Let’s get to it.

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