Konmari Declutter Series – Intro & Handbag Declutter

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday! Today I am introducing a new series to you all because times are a changing. Something in me has snapped and I am decluttering my life. So far, it has been wonderful and so very exciting!


I have previously uploaded a couple of decluttering video. These videos were formed from a general desire to reduce both my nail polishes and ageing lipstick collection. Now, a whole new world has opened up to me. Although this could, and I feel should have happened to me some years ago, I have had a lightbulb moment. Suddenly I feel capable of decluttering my belongings with a rejuvenated strength and resolve.

I will not be keeping those clothes that might fit one day. I will not be keeping that unpractical handbag just because it looks pretty and one day I might have an appropriate occasion to use it. No, I will not be keeping that scarf just because it is the only one in that colour. I will also not be keeping those hundreds of glasses that I might need on the off chance I have a party. Why? Because those clothes haven’t fit in 8 years. I have never used that handbag. I haven’t worn the scarf in 4 years and when I do have parties, I never invite enough people to use that mountain of glasses. That’s why.

And so, with a renewed outlook on life, the clutter is being considered and mostly removed. Cue squeal of excitement. Yes, I actually squealed at how much I love this concept. Of course, the switch in my brain that hovers between low-level horder and minimalist has been firmly switched. Many declutterers and minimalism YouTubers have seen their watch time and view count spike due to this change in me. I can’t get enough of it and it is seeping into my soul. This is a wonderful thing. I have been dreaming of a decluttered lifestyle. One without piles of post to sort through, a place for everything and clean tidy surfaces all around.

The Declutter

So, to assist me on this journey I am utilising Marie Kondo’s Konmari Method of decluttering. Helpfully, I found this handy checklist on Carrie’s Making Lemonade blog. Super helpful Carrie, thank you.

The only difference in my journey is that I am not starting with my clothes. My reasoning for this is due to my current initiative to be more healthy. With more regular Slimming World friendly food intake, I want to declutter at a time when I have given myself the best chance of losing a little weight. If by that point I haven’t lost any, the declutter will happen anyway. However, there is much to consider under the headlines of clothes and handbags top the list. To see me be brave and overhaul my handbag collection, check out the video above.

Do you guys love a declutter? Have you successfully decluttered your life? What are your top tips?


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