Hello declutterers and happy, happy Wednesday! This week I have had to switch my posts around with a declutter today and some favourites and thoughts coming on Sunday. However, normal Sunday decluttering will resume next week.

Today I am taking an additional, closer look at my nail polish collection. You may be aware that I decluttered my nail polish collection a little while back. However, I spotted the basket recently, saw the overflowing number of coloured bottles and immediately decided that I could do better.

Previously, I had thought that I had done a good job on my first declutter. I broke it down into two videos. Part one focused on glitter polishes, gold, silver, black and yellow and then part two took a wander through the red, pink, brown, purple and blues. But let’s be honest, there was more I could do. Looking back at how many I left myself with, nobody needs that many nail polishes. Don’t get me wrong, I love nail polish and I love having pretty nails, but I can’t use all of those. If I am really, really honest, I kept some of those polishes for different reasons than believing I would wear them again.

In the time since that declutter, I have been good and I haven’t added to my collection. I have spotted pretty colours whilst out shopping but I have refrained from buying any more. Nonetheless, here we are with a renewed strength and motivation and I have high hopes for more success.

This time, I split the nail polishes into groups again and went through each individually. Obviously, you can check out the declutter by watching the video, within which you will see some strong moments and some weaker.

The Result

In the end, the result was very positive and I was super pleased. I managed to discard a number of polishes that I hadn’t been able to last time and the difference in the basket is huge. This now seems like a much more manageable collection and only time will tell as to whether I think I can do better again in future.

Have you ever attempted a nail polish declutter? How many do you own?

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  1. I have to take a hard look at my nail-polish section as I haven’t painted my nails in months (ekhm, years) so I think all of them just got completely unusable right now. For now, instead of decluttering I’ve been scanning labels of all my beauty/make-up products and checking the ingredients list. Eh… I have to get to work as well, so thanks for motivation 🙂

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