Happy Sunday declutter lovers! I am back with another one and today we are looking at skin care and body care items. I have a basket of skincare goodies and an even bigger basket of body care products to sort through!


As someone who only really got into skincare recently, I am not sure how well this section of the declutter will go. I love to look after my skin, but I also don’t need that much to do so. I don’t have particularly blemish-prone skin, for which I am eternally grateful, but I am certainly keen on anti-ageing products. A gal has to try to preserve as much of her youth as possible you know? So I do have a collection of lotions and potions, but generally, I need them. They are useful and used regularly. Either way, it is worth taking a look through.

Body Care

My body care collection, just like everything else in my declutters, is very, very old. I have never been on for full-on body moisturisation and tend to only really do so in the warmer months. I have stuff here that I have had sitting around for too long. I can’t use it all up. Or, rather, I know I won’t use it all, and I suspect much of it will now be smelling a little odd. Thus it is time to take a look through, remove the items that have spoiled or can be used by others and see if I can dwindle my collection down. I really can’t wait to stop having to look at all of the old things I have had lying around for ages and focus on a smaller fresher collection of items that I will actually use!

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