Hello everyone and welcome to the next instalment of my declutter series. For those of you who saw my Bedroom Wardrobe declutter, you will know that turfing everything out created a lot of mess in the room. In addition to the stacks of boxes containing old clothes, I now have additional boxes containing heaps of items to be sort through and assessed…

So, today it is the turn of my sunglasses, purses and perfumes. Let’s get to it.


My sunglasses collection is vastly reduced compared to where it used to be. Where these go I do not always know. I’m sure most will agree that the eye shading products are easy to break and are easily scratched. So, as time goes by, they disappear into the ether. Currently, I have literally have 4 pairs in my possession and most of them I don’t even like…


I used to have a thing about purses. I liked to rotate my purse regularly. just because I could and I liked to use different ones. However, as with many things, as I get older I find myself less inclined to do so. So with several just sitting around never being used, you know what happens to that stuff these days? New and improved Amy sends them away!


My perfume collection has been with me for years. During my younger days, I was really quite allergic to perfume. Not in the itchy, red welt sense, but I would sneeze so, so much after spraying perfume around myself. Following me sneeze session I would feel bunged up, snotty and puffy. Not nice. It seems that these days, the reactions I experience are far lessened but old habits die hard and perfume is often forgotten. Thus, the collection never really reduces and it has become time to root through, sniff, and decide which ones to keep!

To catch up with the Declutter Series, check out my Decluttering Playlist on YouTube. Alternatively, you can check out my content here on my website.

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