Happy Sunday declutter lovers! Here we are again with an interesting edition combining two of my favourite things! Decluttering and Candles!

The Cupboard

There is a cupboard that that become a little bit cluttered. The contents mostly consist of candles but there are a few other household items in the mix. The cupboard, unlike the rest of my declutter series, resides at the house of my boyfriend. Yes, he likes candles, but many that have found their way in there are mine. The clutter has developed because we have been keeping the old used candle glasses and jars with a future project in mind. We were going to attempt to make our own candles.

As with many things, this idea has yet to come to fruition and thus, we are left with a million little glass pots. Life gets in the way of these projects and at the moment, it is too busy.  Therefore, I have been given free rein to go through everything, creates some order and remove the clutter. Happy, happy days!

It’s amazing how much space empty glass jars take up and, now, it seems ridiculous to have collected so many! Removal of all of these unnecessary items feels like it will be easy. However, there are many candles that have not yet been lit and will be put back into the cupboard to be used at a later date. Appears we may have to go on a candle ban for a while though as there are quite a few still to be used. As you will see, there appears to be a penchant for autumnal scents and there are a few that make me excited for autumn! Until then, the fresh fruity scents will beautifully compliment the summer weather.

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