Hello everyone and welcome to my bedroom wardrobe declutter! I have been waiting so long to attack this beast! So, what are we facing?

The centre section of this wardrobe is divided into shelves. If there is one thing for sure, I do not use the space here effectively. In the 7 years or so that I have had this wardrobe, I have filled it with lots, and I mean lots, of different things.

Tackling this wardrobe made me realise that there will be further decluttering on the horizon. As I began to sort through the contents, my brain started to compartmentalise the items and group them for future consideration. Ultimately, there was too much for one video. With collections of perfumes, makeup brushes, boxes of random stuff and similar, I established that this attempt would be to decide on simple keep verses put aside to declutter.

Remarkably, I managed to clear the whole wardrobe. However, it left a lot of clutter in the room and plenty to continue to sort. The best part is the lovely clear section of the wardrobe that remains. Of course, I will refill this, but in a more effective way. So, back to Ikea to suss out some shelving options…

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