Happy Sunday to you all, I very much hope you are having a great weekend. And now, for your viewing pleasure (hopefully!), I have a new declutter video for you. this time it is my makeup brush collection!

As much as I love makeup brushes, I am was excited about this declutter. Having lots of rarely used brushes lying around can be annoying and frustrating. In addition, I often felt a pressure to clean my used brushes that looked used, even though I might not use them again. As makeup lovers may already know, cleaning makeup brushes takes some time.

As you may also know, makeup brushes can be expensive. Yes, you can pay for quality but I have been apprehensive about spending when I haven’t been sure which styles I like the best. So, for a long time now I have been buying affordable makeup brushes. This has been helping me to decide on a preference for shapes and styles. In this time I have used various brushes for various things. There are a whole host of shapes and sizes within my collection and many I never reach for.

Buying affordable brushes also means variable quality and some of the brushes are not the softest or particularly well made. However, don’t let that put you off. Some of the brushes that I have bought cheaply are gorgeous and I use them every day.

Happily, as time has passed and I have developed my own style, I have come to understand my preferences better. This means that the collection now holds a whole range for me; some I never use, some I like but still don’t really use and then, of course, my favourites. So with a better understanding of those I like to use, it was time to begin a declutter to create that beloved space and remove old and unused items from my possession.

Check out the video for an in-depth run through.


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