Hello everyone and welcome to another declutter video! This time I am taking a look through my nail basket. Inside is a collection of nail care items and nail art tools that I don’t use as often these days.

As I mentioned in my shopper to minimalist video recently, I have had some fads in the past and nail-related items have featured heavily. These days, the leftovers are nail art items and those which you use to keep your nails in shape. With less time on my hands a less use, it seems sensible to review the collection of things and take steps to keep only those that I will use.

Nail Care

I used to give myself little manicures regularly but I don’t seem to have so much time for it these days. As much as I know it is good for my nails to give them a little TLC, all I seem to do is shape them a little when necessary, take off my nail polish, occasionally push my cuticles back and then paint them. Job done. They seem to be faring well and are growing consistently, therefore, the rest of the odds and ends can go.

Some of the nail care items here are so old. I was tempted to keep the cuticle oils because they used to smell nice and I would try to consistently use them to provide some extra nourishment. However, when I tested them for this declutter, they smelled awful and were subsequently banished to the bin.

Nail Art

I also used to be a fan of nail art. I was never particularly extravagant with it, but I would use colours to add a little design to some of my nails. These days though, I never get around to it. As much as I love my nails to look nice, I much prefer them to look neat with a plain polish. This could be down to my age or maybe just a particular phase I am in. Either way, this renders my numerous nail art items somewhat redundant and I feel comfortable removing them from my collection.

In terms of the declutter, I think it went rather well. Having started with a basket chock-a-block with items, I now have just a small collection of tools to keep my nails neat and tidy. It feels a little sad to be letting go of some of the things that I have enjoyed using so much in the past but I am very happy with the result.

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