Hello and welcome to a brand new declutter! Today it is the turn of the bathroom. I don’t have the biggest of bathrooms but it still manages to fill up with things I don’t use. Today it is time to rectify that and take steps to tidy things up and create some space.

Within my bathroom, there are a number of areas to tackle:


There are the metal and glass shelves located to the rear of the bath. This is where I keep my shampoo, conditioner, body wash and razor etc. However, these shelves will be removed in the not too different future. They have rusted across the front and look unsightly. Also, as I explained in my Shopper to Minimalist video, I have become someone who likes to have things away out of sight. Therefore, I will be looking to store these items in a cabinet in future. This won’t be one of the outcomes of today, but with more space created, I can decide how better to use my storage options.

Cabinet over the sink

This cabinet with mirrored doors houses my toothpaste and contact lens equipment. I haven’t been wearing lenses much recently and the coloured lenses that I keep for occasional use have dried up and need to go!

Storage Unit

I also have this storage unit which has a combination of cupboard space and open shelves. This unit houses toilet rolls, cleaning products and items I use if I am having a bath. It also has some medical equipment and some DIY items that need to be stored elsewhere!

Check out the video for the before and after pictures! Although a smaller declutter, I did manage to remove a pile of items and the room feels much tidier since doing so. Even removing just a few things really helps to make a difference.


To catch up with the Declutter Series, check out my Decluttering Playlist on YouTube. Alternatively, you can check out my content here on my website.


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  1. I really liked you video. I should start decluttering my house, but I just feel so powerless recently. A couple of years ago I would be the first one to say I never collect things, I can pack in one bag, bla bla, and it was true, to the extent that I really moved from Portugal back home with a single suitcase, but now? I don’t know, living with my boyfriend made me buy many things – don’t get me started on clothes and cosmetics, from which I use maybe 10%. I think my decluttering procedure will take ages now. Thanks for some motivation!

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