The Final Bits

Hello and welcome to the final kitchen declutter! When I came to film this it surprised me that I had come this far and that I was reaching the end of the process.

Today, I have a number of tasks to tackle. The main aspect is going through my food cupboards and removing all of the outdated foods. This is something that I have been looking forward to. There are some surprising, if a little embarrassing, dates in there! How does time pass so quickly! This has also raised questions about what I buy, when and why so that I can avoid wasting so much in the future.

Anyway, then, the final stages are to take a look at the items that didn’t fall into the other categories.

There is a stash of Kilner jars to consider, some Ikea jars, chopping boards and cocktail bowls! Then there is the top of the fridge which currently looks somewhat unsightly. Although today will not include looking at the bottles stored there, there are some additional bits and bobs that are never used.

The kitchen declutter has been a thoroughly enjoyable process. It feels great to have removed so many of the things that aren’t being used. As a result, I am super happy with the space created. I am looking to reorganise my kitchen a little in order to better utilise the space. This is likely to lead to a further declutter as this will give me time to consider the items that were kept during this declutter but that remain unused. I sometimes wonder if I kept unused items on purposes, just s I would need to declutter again!


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