Hello and welcome to a little ol’ review of some very affordable facemasks. I actually received these a few months ago but there has been a distinct lack of pampering action in my life recently. Alas, this had to be resolved and in a bid to do so, I have been testing these newbies to my collection.

My Skin

If you have been a follower of my content for a while, whether that be the beauty section of my blog or via my YouTube videos, you may know that my skin is generally pretty good. I have combination skin that can become a little dry but I am lucky enough not to suffer from too many blemishes.

However, I love a face mask and when I was contacted about trying these masks I couldn’t resist. One of my main aims is finding affordable products that I love and then sharing that info with the world. Of course, we can choose to treat ourselves with some luxury every now and then but there are many amazing products out there that we can use in our day-to-day lives that won’t break the bank.


The Derma v10 masks are certainly affordable, retailing at just £1.99 each for 50ml of product. This 50ml will apparently last for up to 10 applications. Seems a good deal on the face of it.

Interestingly, these masks have been compared to the L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks, which, in comparison retail for about £7.99 each. I can’t comment on whether they work as a dupe as I haven’t yet tried the L’Oreal masks but in terms of price, that is quite a difference eh?

So, on to the nitty gritty. Are they worth it?

First Impressions

The package I received contained three individual facemasks all in a different colour. Unsurprisingly, the red algae version was a deep rusty red, the charcoal mask grey and the eucalyptus mask a beautiful mint green.

On the back of each box Derma V10 state ‘we believe happiness comes from feeling and looking good. Derma V10 provide great quality beauty products at affordable prices, keeping you feeling and looking great and your pocket happy’. This I love. A statement so far up my street it is knocking on my door. They also promise to provide recyclable packaging where possible and will never test on animals. Great attitude from Derma V10, let’s hope the products match their ambition.

So, in terms of testing, when I use a face mask I paste it on. I leave it for the allotted time and then massage it into my skin. Then, I remove it with warm water and a muslin cloth. We all have a way we do things and this is mine. However, if there is a different way we are supposed to do these things then do let me know.

The Masks

Before addressing the masks individually, I must say that they all smell pretty much the same. All have a lovely fresh spa-like scent, which I found to be very pleasant. The ingredients in each of the masks are exactly the same apart from the specific ingredients mentioned. So, red algae and walnut shell appear in the brightening mask, charcoal in the detoxifying mask and eucalyptus in the purifying mask.

In addition, the consistency of all three is similar. Although creamy and soft as promised on the boxes, these masks have a thinner consistency than I was expecting. I found that this made me feel like I needed more to ensure a good coverage. Having said that, it doesn’t take much to build up a nice even layer. You can, of course, layer this mask up, but the soft consistency takes some time to dry down thoroughly.


The red mask containing kaolin, walnut shell, red algae, vitamin E and honey promises to soothe and exfoliate the skin whilst brightening the skin surface. Of the three masks, this is the only one that contains exfoliating particles. Happily, I found this to be very gentle. I have used other masks in the past that have felt abrasive, but these are softer and in no way harsh on the skin.

Afterwards, although I can’t say my skin looked brighter, it certainly felt soft, smooth and fresh. In my opinion, well worth the 19p worth of application this works out to be.


This was my least favourite of the three but only because I don’t have much of a problem with oily skin or pores that need tightening. However, there was no tingling and it still leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Again, in terms of value for money this, in my view, would still be worth the 19p you pay per application.


Ever so slightly fresher smelling than the others, this mask contains eucalyptus to purify and soothe. It feels cooling as you apply it and smoothes on easily, just like the others.

Without the exfoliating particles this mask had less of an impact on my generally good skin. However, it felt nice to apply and left my skin feeling fresh and supple with a lingering coolness. Another bargain price application for a quick boost.

So, I did see an article claiming that bloggers are going wild for these £1.99 face masks’, but that isn’t my experience. They’re nice and I have enjoyed using them but they aren’t the best face masks I have ever used. I would say that their gentle nature could make them a good suit for those with sensitive skin, but as with all of these things, it depends what you are looking for. For a very affordable pampering skin boost, these are great, but if you are looking for stronger effects, you are likely to need to pay a little more.


  1. £1.99 for 10 applications is pretty amazing if you’re on a budget! I tried my first clay face mask the other day (can’t remember what brand) and really liked it although it didn’t harden up, which I was expecting?

    1. Agreed, great price for a bit of a pamper. I have found that some clay masks don’t harden but most seem to, not sure whether that means anything!

  2. I really like these masks so it was interesting to see what you thought of them! I think these are really good dupes for the L’Oreal ones, especially considering the price. I’d definitely repurchase these but you’re right, there are better ones out there.

    Soph – https://sophhearts.com x

  3. I really want to try these out, just because I love trying out new face masks and only really buy the same ones! Thank you for sharing your opinion on these, I thing it’s so interesting to see different opinions on budget beauty products. x

    1. Definitely give them a try! For such a small amount of money it is so worth testing them out and, as I said, they are pretty good for a little pamper session. x

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