Opinions and Reliability

All opinions and views mentioned on this site are given for information and review purposes only. As individuals, we all have our own opinions and I use this platform to share mine. I do not wish to offend or insult anyone through the content I create. My content simply offers my assessment of products with information relating to how they work for me.

My aim is to create a reliable and trustworthy source of information for my readers. I will never be paid or incentivised to speak positively about a product if I do not agree. As an avid blog reader, I would hate to feel that I was trusting misleading information and I, therefore, follow the same principal.

I will be constructive in my opinions but if I dislike a product, then I will say so. Furthermore, in some cases, I may choose not to feature a product that I dislike entirely. Items and products featured on missamyrach.com are those that I feel deserve to be featured in some way. In addition, I only recommend products that I genuinely love and would recommend to friends and family. However, I am unable to guarantee that everything will work on all skin types. Please consider your own skin type and allergies and, wherever possible, test products yourself before making a purchase.


I utilise a number of affiliate commission services including Skimlinks and Amazon Associates. Use of these services means I may earn a percentage of commission on product sales. As a result, this site uses cookies. There is no additional cost to the buyer as the commission is taken from the retailer via the commission platform.  The inclusion of affiliate links is always the final step and relate only to products I would purchase myself. Any small monetary figure is used to sustain missamyrach.com as a business.

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