Have you ever cut your own hair? I’m not hairdresser by any means, but I have cut my own hair for years now. Recently my technique has improved and I have been much happier with the result. Want to see how?

My auntie, well, my great-auntie in fact, (because she’s great – geddit? and also my mum’s aunt) used to cut my hair. She did so for years and would also help me out with highlights, the odd perm and then again when I went from blonde to brown. My mum and I used to go together. However, as the years passed and I grew into my adult life, I didn’t really know what to do with my hair. So, I started experimenting with it myself. Usually, with the odd exception, any colour adjustments I made I found acceptable and, actually, quite liked. So, one day, having had enough of my hair, I chopped it.

Astoundingly, after years of being terrified of cutting my own hair, I didn’t hate it. With this new found freedom, I found I liked being able to do what I wanted with my hair (to a very basic level) when I wanted. And it was the ‘when’ that was most important. I liked being able to do something with it at my leisure and not have to make an appointment and try to explain what I wanted from my new style.

And the rest, as they say, is history. For a long time, I cut my hair to one length. I spent time checking it in a mirror and ensuring I was happy with the length and neatness. I tended to go for a sloping style to the ends but tried to avoid the very centre of the back of it being too pointy if you get what I mean.

Then, some time ago now, I was discussing hair with my cousin. We talked about how I had managed to ombre my hair myself and how she styled her own. As we talked, she mentioned the ponytail method of cutting layers into your hair and I decided then and there to give it a try. I found it easy and after some time titivating the style until I was happy, I found myself feeling very satisfied with the result. And so, with it being time for a further chop, I thought would show you how I go about it! The whole cutting process took about an hour and I hope you enjoy!

The Result!


Have you ever cut your hair yourself? Do you have any tips or tricks to share?

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