Hello lovely readers! A random selection of favourites this month. Mostly this is because I have been really under the weather, yet again. Thus, I haven’t been living my best life. Even so, here are my monthly faves.


Yorkshire Tea

Once upon a time, I was not so fussy about my cups o’ tea. These days, Aldi’s red label tea bags just don’t cut the mustard. Being from the UK, tea is a staple part of life, however, a good strong brew is mostly only achievable when a Yorkshire Tea teabag is in my mug. PG Tips come a close second but this stuff is top notch.

Lacura Hand Gel – Sanitising and fast drying

Having been ill so much recently, I am starting to carry around a hand sanitiser more regularly to ward off the dreaded bugs. This one has been my favourite for years. At the end of the day, it is just a hand sanitiser, but I really like the scent, it feels very fresh and dries really quickly. Perfect for the Isle of Wight Festival which comes around every June. Aldi also offers an alternative aloe vera option. This one is also nice but I prefer the cloudy version because of the lovely smell.

Lacura Midnight Power Eye Care

This lavender coloured gel was a random find in Aldi. Having had it pointed out to me that most face creams are too harsh for the fragile skin around our eyes, I was hunting for something eye-specific. I happened across this and decided to give it a go. I have used this numerous times now but I haven’t used it as regularly as recommended on the glass jar. With eyes that don’t often suffer from discolouration, puffiness or similar, I can’t say that I have noticed a huge difference in terms of the quality of the skin around my eyes. However, as a refreshing gel, this is lovely. Dabbed from the inner corner of the eye across to the temple and then across the eyelid, this freshens and tingles and really feels like it is doing something. Not too much of a tingle I might add, just a nice uplifting boost which nicely incorporates into your evening skincare routine.

Primark My Perfect Colour Velvet Finish Foundation

This foundation forms one of my monthly favourites because I keep finding myself wanting to use it. I certainly need to road test the product by using it alone in order to give a better review of it, but when mixed with my ongoing favourite foundation (MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect) and some of The Body Shop Lightening drops, this gives me a great colour match, good coverage and a gorgeous luminous finish.

Meal Planning

I won’t labour the point about this as I have have been banging on about meal planning in my Meal Planning video and also in my Top 5 Slimming World tips. I have just been finding it so useful! As I have also mentioned before, I use the Calorie Club’s meal planners. You can find out more about them in my Calorie Club review, but at the moment I have been utilising the A5 meal planner to plan out my evening meals and sometimes my lunches! So, meal planning has been a favourite this month. I am really enjoying planning out what to have for dinner so that I can plan the rest of my day more easily and ensure I have all of the necessary ingredients. It helps to eradicate that late in the day slog of trying to decide what to have for dinner when you can’t really be bothered to think about it. Great stuff!

The Calorie Club Meal Planning

Grace and Frankie

A Netflix original, this lighthearted series has become a firm favourite. Grace and Frankie is about the two lead characters, both female who begin the series married to their respective husbands. The husbands are lawyers and have worked together for a long time. During this time, they have fallen in love and now, in the 70s, wish to make a life together. And so the story begins…

Grace and Frankie used to just be a background series that I would put on whilst busying myself with other tasks. However, it has found a place in my heart and the last two seasons (it’s American) have completely drawn me in. It literally makes me laugh out loud and I love it. It’s funny, generally lighthearted and is a thoroughly enjoyable venture onto the world of an older generation dealing with some surprising life changes. Not always with their usual class, but certainly with lots of fun.

Having absorbed my ramble, let me know what about February Favourites in the comments!

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February Favourites 2018

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