Getting that Hollywood smile is something many of us would like to achieve. The idea of being able to smile bright and have a wonderful set of gnashers is something which can give us confidence and make us happy. We have talked about veneers previously but the top of the list for me is oral health and teeth whitening. I have tried different methods but are there others ways to keep us smiling wide? Let’s take a look.

First off there are a couple of things we all have to do to keep our smile in tip-top condition. But as we will discuss, there are additional options, some I have tried, some I haven’t. Have you?


Brush your teeth regularly

Nuff said.

Visit the dentist

The key here is regularly. I have heard good things about Bright & White and regular checkups will ensure that your mouth and teeth are healthy. You might think that if you clean your teeth well that you don’t need a dentist, but this isn’t the case. You need to visit a professional every 6 months or so to make sure you don’t have gum disease or any issues which need to be taken care of. Dentists can also identify concerns before they get out of hand which can help to prevent pain and discomfort.

Floss it up

As my dentist recently reminded me, flossing is not an optional part of your oral hygiene routine. Flossing is essential and should be undertaken once a week. Giving your teeth a thorough floss allows you to get rid of small pieces of food and also any plaque which has built up. Flossing each week prevents bad breath, the buildup of tartar, and gum disease.

The 30-minute rule

One thing our dentist told my mum many moons ago was to never brush your teeth straight after eating. Apparently, when we eat, our enamel softens. This means that it is more vulnerable to being scraped off which could damage your teeth as a whole. If you can wait for at least 30 minutes after a meal to brush, your enamel will have a chance to harden. This minimises the risk of rubbing off the enamel and exposing the sensitive inner layers.

Check the ingredients

Something many people don’t necessarily know is to check the ingredients of the products they choose to use. When making a decision be sure to check the label. You are only allowed to have a 6% hydrogen peroxide content in toothpaste because anything higher is dangerous, so if brands are promising a higher percentage, make sure that you avoid it to avoid damaging that smile.

Oil pulling

If you saw my Carbon Coco review, you will know that I have tried activated charcoal powder as a tooth whitening method. But have any of you tried oil pulling? Oil pulling is an ancient method of keeping the teeth clean and, apparently, it helps to gather bacteria and impurities and trap them in oil. You take 1 tablespoon of oil in your mouth and swirl it around for 20-30 minutes. Once you are done, spit it out and this will help to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth white. Sounds simple enough, but for me, 20 minutes is a long time… Have you tried oil pulling and seen results? How was your experience?

Home remedies

So ok, this is where things get a little wayward. Home remedies for teeth whitening are plenty, can be a little weird and wonderful but mostly chemical free. One tip is to mix a small teaspoon of baking powder with a crushed up strawberry and brush your teeth. The strawberry contains antioxidants which will help to get rid of impurities to keep your teeth white. Another one to use is banana peel. When you have eaten a banana, rub the inside of the peel on your mouth for a few minutes and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing off. The nutrients inside the skin will whiten your teeth and leave them shiny. Now I haven’t tried any of these and I’m not sure I fancy doing so. I’m not sure that brushing sugar, even the natural sugars in fruit, on to your teeth is a good idea. But who knows, they might work! Have you tried any and found any that work for you?


So, basic oral health is first and foremost but there are other options. Which have you tried?




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