Finding the Autumn Feels – Autumn 2017

For someone who has often considered autumnal colours my go-to… Autumn has so far eluded me.

It’s here, of course, it began Friday, 22nd September 2017. The weather has also cooled, but I still don’t quite feel that Autumn is here. I’m craving the cosy vibes, the candles, the snuggly blankets the fireplaces and the toasted marshmallows; all those things that create those celebrated ‘Autumn Feels’.  But I am just not finding them.  Where are they?

I have considered that maybe this is because I have become a full-time blogger. Because mostly I only see these four walls, I have made the effort to get out but I still haven’t felt them. Everyone else is talking about them so I decided to try to find them myself by writing this post.

One of the things I love about blogging is the focus on seasonal things, which in turn compels a focus on the seasons themselves. I love all of the seasons for different reasons and, these days, I’m not sure I have a favourite. In the past, I have chosen summer due to my love of the warmer climates and sunshine, but I am an autumn baby, having being been born in October, and, as I mentioned above, I love autumn hues. With a wardrobe littered with warm orange, brown and green, they not only suit my skin tone, I feel, but also are my go-to colours all year round.

So, I thought I would rummage through my things, old and new and put together a little collection to inspire the Autumn in me.

The brown scarf is one I wear all year round, depending on the weather that day and the outfit I have chosen. You may have seen it in some of my YouTube videos. I think this was originally from Primark. I have proudly owned it for many years now and it is truly one of my favourites.

The cream and peach scarf was a gift from a friend and is another autumn favourite. I’m not so keen in the tassels on each end but the pattern and colours are beautiful and I have often felt very comfortable, warm, cosy and happy whilst wearing it.

I talked about this ring in a recent vlog. It was a bargain from New Look as part of their sale and I bought it with autumn in mind. With its leafy design, the rosy colour sets off the darker stones and I just love it. Yes, it will tarnish, but sometimes that just adds to the effect.

Caramel Pumpkin Candle

This has to be the most fragrant, mouth-wateringly sweet candle I have ever come across. With a rich and luxurious scent, this absolutely embodies Autumn and is available in TK Maxx.

Pear Prosecco Candles

Another TK Maxx delight. Although I don’t really sense pear or prosecco from the scent, it is very autumnal and spiced in a warm fragrant way.

Primark Dressing Gown

This dressing gown is my favourite ever. It was from Primark last year and is the softest, snuggliest and warmest material I have ever experienced. It saves me all year long, as and when I need to duck out of those super warm covers, but it really comes into its own during Autumn, winter and the early part of spring.

I have to say that I was a little sceptical about this post… as to whether it would actually work, but it really has. I think collecting the items and photographing them has played a big part. I’m finalising this post at 6:41 am and I’m snuggled down as much as possible typing this, with feelings of crisp morning walks through piles of sun-drenched, golden leaves. I can feel my brain whirring into the idea of later today, a snuggly jumper in which to settle down to watch Netflix with a hot chocolate and a blanket…

And, I have an enormous smile on my face about it all. For someone who would normally choose summer as her favourite season and mourns the loss of the warm, balmy evenings each year, this is a sizeable win. To move into Autumn without feeling the need to disappear off nearer to the equator one last time is unusual, but I am actually looking forward to the cooler, darker times, as long as they come with cosy lamps, blankets and hot drinks, of course.

Have you struggled to find the Autumn feels this year?

How about some makeup incorporating the Autumn trends to help things along?

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