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What do you guys have for a Christmas breakfast? How about this gorgeous option? It has become my go-to because it is tasty but not too heavy. This is code for leaves rooms for sausage rolls and chocolate…

Smoked Salmon and Lemon Cream Bagel

There was a time when I wouldn’t actually eat a specific breakfast and would just secretly (or not so secretly… right mum and dad?) snaffle the cocktail sausage and sausage rolls my mum had been up cooking since the light of dawn. I always remember those wonderful Christmas mornings, but I also remember feeling bloated and awful afterwards. Did it stop me? No… the only thing that actually stopped me was moving out and waking up elsewhere on Christmas morning.

I put this recipe together a few years ago by accident. Perusing the aisles of Aldi I came across their salmon pate as part of their Christmas range. I bought a few of the different flavours as part of a hamper I was putting together and found myself fancying it myself. Where the idea to combine it with a seasoned lemony cream cheese and bagel I don’t know. I suspect it was a take on cream cheese and smoked salmon bagels. I struggle with smoked salmon, no matter how hard I try, so perhaps this was my brain’s way of making things right for me. To keep things low FODMAP, as many pates use double cream within the ingredients, I decided to try out my own. And you know what? This also tastes amazing and incorporates the dreaded smoked salmon so that I can feel all posh.

Ok, so this recipe isn’t particularly low syn but its Christmas right? At Christmas, I know I will over indulge so I just like to keep an eye on my syn values.

When it comes to the lemon cream…

In terms of the soft cheese side of things, low fodmappers are still somewhat limited when it comes to keeping the amount of fat and calories down and most low FODMAP varieties do not include a reduced fat option. Perhaps one day things will improve. 50g is a healthy extra A choice. You can have 75g of a reduced fat soft cheese.

To keep the syns to a minimum, I tend to opt for the lightest soft cheese varieties on offer or you could use quark as an alternative or maybe even a mixture of the two. Unfortunately, Quark is made with skimmed cow’s milk so for Low FODMAPPERS, Lactofree offers a good option and you can buy 200g tubs.

This recipe includes poaching the eggs. If you regularly poach eggs and have your own preferred method then absolutely opt for that option. Personally, I prefer to poach eggs in a pan. I have tried all sorts of ways but nothing and I mean nothing, compares to the outcome I get when I poach eggs in a pan of boiling water. Beautiful runny yolks every time and these are super quick. The only thing I hate is the eggy pan left over.

This recipe provides plenty to serve two. If using your Healthy Extra A choice then it works out at 10 syns, if not it will be 16. As I said, not the lowest syn recipe I have created but IT’S CHRISTMAS!

Christmas Breakfast

You will need:

  • Bagels (Gluten free for Low FODMAP) – Usually around 8 syns each

  • 100g Lactofree Soft Cheese (for Low FODMAP) or 100g Quark

  • Lemon Juice

  • Eggs

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Rocket to garnish

For the pate:

  • Smoked Salmon

  • 50g Soft Cheese (again, Slimming World followers could opt for quark)

  • Lemon Juice

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Optional – Chives


The trick is to keep an eye on timings. Bringing everything together so that you serve it warm is the trickiest part. The eggs cook quickly and require attention, so juggling that whilst sorting everything else out can be a little tricky to manoeuvre. So, to begin with:

Prepare the easy bits

Whip half of the soft cheese in a bowl with the lemon juice to loosen the consistency. Ultimately, you can use however much lemon juice you like. I tend to use quite a bit as I like a lemony punch. Well, not really a punch, more like a lovely lemony zing.

Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper to taste, and whip it up. Keep whipping and tasting until you are happy. Once all is well, pop it to the side for when we are ready to dig in.

Christmas Breakfast

Put the rest of the soft cheese into a bowl. Chop the smoked salmon and chives into teeny pieces and mix the cheese, chives (if using), salmon and lemon juice together. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Here you can either plate up the pate to serve on the table or keep it aside to spread on the bagel before serving.

Christmas Breakfast

Pop a little rocket on the plates as a garnish.

Here is where things can get a little tricky. The bagels need to be toasted and the eggs need to be poached. Slice the bagels and pop them into the toaster or under the grill ready.

Bring a pan of water to the boil and crack an egg into a small bowl. This just makes things easier. Be mindful of how many eggs you are cooking here as you can easily get into a muddle when cracking any more than two eggs into the pan. Well, I can anyway.

As the water boils, turn it down slightly so that it rolls heavily but doesn’t rise. Use a spoon to stir the water. Stir rapidly to create a mini whirlpool in the centre of the pan. Once the water is spinning, pop the eggs into the centre of the pan. The water will settle quickly so I tend to get the spoon and continue to stir the water. This just helps keep the egg whites and yolks together. However, if they do separate, its no biggy.

Christmas Breakfast

The eggs will literally take about a minute. Using a slotted spoon or fish slice, lift each egg out of the water and set aside to drain. You can use a paper towel here to soak up any excess water.

In terms of serving, you have two options.  You can either pop the eggs straight onto the toasted bagel, or spread the pate on the bagel and pop on top. The presentation can be considered a little more important at Christmas, especially if you are hosting, so see which you prefer.

Pate on the side:

Christmas Breakfast

What are your favourites Christmas breakfasts? Can I turn them into Slimming World friendly and Low FODMAP alternatives? Let me know in the comments!

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Christmas Breakfast

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