Happy Friday and welcome to another in my Food Friday series. Today I am talking about one of my most frustrating Slimming World struggles.

Please tell me that you guys experience this too? I have times where I just can’t decide what to eat. I am hungry but I just don’t have a fancy for anything and find myself unable to get excited about food. How this is even possible I don’t know. This is me we are talking about here. I am most definitely a ‘live to eat’ person but just sometimes, I find myself venturing into the realms of those unusual ‘eat to live’ people. It is a very strange feeling and a reminder that the latter category of human does actually exist.

As much as this is, of course, first world problems, it can prove frustrating on a Slimming World journey. This has been dangerous territory for me as I have often been known to lose my commitment having experienced one of these phases. Often, because I can’t decide what to have, I don’t bother. Then comes the inevitable suddenly starving feeling and the syn count explodes alongside thoughts of ‘I’ll get back on it tomorrow’. Who knows that slippery slope?

BBQ Pork Fries – check out the video to see how to make them

So, how does one manage this situation? In all sorts of ways no doubt. However, for me, I have found that relaxing the rules slightly has helped me to stay on plan and not let things spiral. Take a look at the video for more info but basically, I allow myself to eat convenience foods and worry less about speed food quantities and other normal Slimming World expectations.

The crux for me is just riding the wave. The excitement and inspiration returns eventually, it’s just the white-knuckle ride to stay on board in the meantime. I just hope that by sharing my experience, it may help you in some way. The key message is that we all go through phases that have the potential to knock us off course, but we can do this. Ride the wave, be kind to yourself and forgive the minor waverings. Smaller mishaps or steps outside the lines pale in comparison to those blatant disregards and subsequent Dominos orders. So, relax, forget the few extra syns you might have consumed, move on and keep at it. It pays off in the end. This has been my experience so far and I am now 20lbs down… but more on that next week.

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Take care guys and have a wonderful slimming week.

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