Hello there and welcome to my Aldi food shopping haul! My recent shopping trip consisted of some tasty purchases so I thought I would show you what I bought! So, if interested, check out the video below!

In my opinion, Aldi is fantastic for affordable food options. Following Slimming World can sometimes feel expensive as the world seems to penalise those of us who are trying to get healthy. Lower fat and healthier options are often more expensive, but Aldi helps us to counter that.

When I shop, I aim for mostly syn free and speed foods to create my meals. I do use my syns but sometimes I try to steer clear of low syn treats. I sometimes find that having low syns treats in the cupboard can derail me as the temptation is too great. This varies depending on my mood and how things are at the time. Today I found some new things to try so let’s hope they don’t get the better of me!

This haul contains free food, low syn treats, higher syn treats and syn free favourites to make meals with. Please be aware that the syn values and measurements are correct at time of writing but may be subject to change as Slimming World undertakes reviews.

For more Slimming World content, check out the Slimming World section of my blog. I also have Slimming World and What I Eat in A Day playlists over on my YouTube Channel.

You can also check out the mackerel pasta recipe I mentioned: Tomato Mackerel Pasta, this is one of my favourites go-to meals for tasty, satisfying and nutritious food.

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