Welcome to another Food Friday! Don’t the weeks just fly by? Today’s video and post is a Home Bargains Haul. Do you have Home Bargains near you? It’s a wonderful place to pick up some great, well… bargains!

So, Home Bargains has arrived on the Isle of Wight. It has actually been here ages, I just didn’t know what it was! And suddenly, YouTube was awash with Home Bargains hauls. The bug bit me. Interestingly, there is far more available in the store than I had anticipated.

The purpose of the visit

The idea behind my visit was due to my dwindling supply of low syn sweets. I am merrily riding the Slimming World wave at the moment and am finding that the occasional evening treat is helping me along. I have mentioned in previous posts and videos that my preference for treats varies in phases. At the moment I am finding that ‘kiddies’ sweets are the items I am craving. Happily, there are some low syn retro sweets and Home Bargains has them to hand.

As per normal, my trip to Home Bargains resulted in far more purchases than anticipated. However, this was mostly essentials at a good price so there’s no harm done. If you’re only interested in the food purchases, skip to 07:39 of the video. If not and you fancy seeing the whole shebang, watch and enjoy.

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