Hello Food Friday readers, I very much hope that this post finds you well and finding success on your food journey. Today is a Slimming World What I Eat In a Day. Filmed on a Monday which would usually be Mexican Monday, today is in fact, Meatball Monday.

One of the things I wanted to preface today’s post with is the fact that I have been ill. If you saw my update video from last week, I haven’t been feeling tip-top and this has affected my appetite. Normally I would eat more than this, so just bear that in mind when it comes to the volume of food and the syn values used.


What I Eat In A Day - Slimming World - Trying Kale Chips

I started with a cuppa today and then opted for something I have been meaning to have for ages. Tinned tomatoes on toast. This is such a tasty and delicious breakfast I can’t believe it has been so long since I last had it. Two slices of a Warburton’s wholemeal 400g loaf is a healthy extra B choice. Warm up some speedy tinned tomatoes, pop on some salt and pepper and you have yourself a tasty and healthy breakfast. On hungrier days you could add lean bacon, eggs or maybe even some low syn sausages.


What I Eat In A Day - Slimming World - Trying Kale Chips

Something I have been meaning to do for a while now is to have a go at making kale chips. I have seen various articles and blog posts raving about how great they are but I could never quite accept that ‘chips’ made from speed foods could be something I would be keen on. However, my interest had been sparked and so on a recent shopping trip, I grabbed a bag of kale.

Today was the day. I researched a few recipes and found a couple I liked. One that I didn’t end up following, but that seemed super easy and used a frying pan, was from Kate Slimming World Mummy on YouTube. However, upon further inspection, there are bazillions of recipe videos for making these chips and with most, if you swap the olive oil they use for low-calorie cooking spray, you’re onto a winner! Today though, I used a recipe from Slimming World Delights blog.

So, I spread a layer of kale chips across a baking tray lined with foil and sprayed with the butter flavour Frylight. At this stage, ensure that there is none of the kale stalk present as this is not so fun to eat. You only want to include the leafy parts and these can be any size. I then sprayed the kale with more Frylight to establish an even coating. A couple of sprays of garlic Frylight added some extra flavour and I sprinkled over some salt and granulated sweetener. I then baked them for 4 minutes in a 160 oven (fan), turned them and then baked them for an extra two minutes.


My tip is to ensure they turn brown and crispy as they taste better. But that may just be my preference.

At first, I just found these to be ‘ok’. But the more I ate them the more I found I couldn’t stop. And I feel excited about making them again! So much so, I made them again at lunch. This time I added more sweetener and cooked them for less time. A mistake in my book which is why I have only included the initial method of making them.



What I Eat In A Day - Slimming World - Trying Kale Chips

Lunch today was my favourite lunch. Jacket potato with cheese and salad. I went for 30g of reduced fat cheese even though you can have 40g. No need to go overboard is there!



What I Eat In A Day - Slimming World - Trying Kale Chips

Dinner today was something I haven’t had in this style previously. Aldi’s 5% fat meatballs are half a syn for 3 meatballs! Good huh!? Saves all the effort of making meatballs and they’re very tasty and satisfying. I ended up having 4 meatballs. With these, I made a tasty and syn free tomato and red pepper sauce and served it with vermicelli rice noodles. Ok, so I overcooked the rice noodles slightly but it tasted great!

Final thoughts

I would say that I need to allocate 2 syns to my cups of tea and coffee for today so, all in all, today I have consumed about 5-6 syns.


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